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Writing a Custom Qt 3D Aspect – part 2 Setting up the backend and communications

Introduction In the previous article we gave an overview of the process for creating a custom aspect and showed how to create (most of) the front end functionality. In this article we shall continue building our custom aspect by implementing the corresponding backend types, registering the types and setting up communication from the frontend to […]

Writing a Custom Qt 3D Aspect – part 1 Extending Qt 3D via Aspects

Introduction Qt 3D has a flexible and extensible architecture that allows us to easily add our own new functionality to it without disrupting the existing features. The functionality of Qt 3D is divided among so-called aspects, each of which encapsulates a particular subject domain such as rendering, input, or animation. This short series of articles […]

Modern OpenGL:
Advanced Pipeline and Performance

Introduction Advanced Rendering and Effects Advanced Pipeline and Performance This training explores strategies to increase the performance of new and existing OpenGL code, with multi-pass rendering and use of uniform buffers, shader storage buffers and indirect drawing to reduce driver overhead. Course Contents Cost of state changes, batching and sorting Culling, occlusion queries, spatial data-structures […]

Modern OpenGL:
Advanced Rendering and Effects

Introduction Advanced Rendering and Effects Advanced Pipeline and Performance This training explores the implementation of many different rendering techniques to achieve cutting-edge visuals in OpenGL applications. Techniques are explored in depth with many examples, analysis of shader code and implementation details. Course contents Normal mapping and parallax mapping Environment mapping Procedural texturing High dynamic range […]

Modern OpenGL: Introduction

This training provides a comprehensive introduction to modern OpenGL development. Beginning with basics, it includes all the fundamental topics to develop flexible, high performance OpenGL code

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