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Software Workshops with Experts Benefit from KDAB's unique experience in Qt, C++ and OpenGL

The KDAB Group

Benefit from KDAB's unique experience in Qt, C++ and OpenGL

When you are stuck, or don’t know how to get started, you can benefit from our experienced experts. We dig into your challenges and provide you with an expert’s perspective. Our hands-on consulting engineers have years of experience in Qt, C++ and OpenGL projects and can call on the combined knowledge of more than 100 of the brightest minds in software.

In our software workshops we grasp the issues you are facing, analyze the technical, organizational and business challenges, recommend best practices, point out risks, evaluate alternatives and suggest paths forward.

In preparation, we will learn as much about your domain and current state of thinking as quickly and as thoroughly as we can and follow up with documentation that makes the workshop results concrete and actionable.

Up to the right on this page you will find an overview of some of the types of workshops we often provide to our customers. If your situation is different, please get in touch so we can suggest a tailored setup that makes sure you derive as much value as possible from your time with our experts.

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In KDAB we have developed strategies for making your code base more robust and faster. Our workshops help you improve your software’s testability and the speed, quality and resilience of your code. [...]

KDAB’s experts help you to improve performance of the whole stack. Some of our normal tasks are achieving more frames per second, faster boot-up time, improved usage of CPU(s), memory and/or the battery. [...]

We provide clients with high quality, engineering focused, desktop and embedded software, across automotive, medical, industrial and many other industries. [...]

We host a rich array of both Showcase and Presentation Videos featuring cutting edge demos, techniques and tools developed from the wide diversity of challenges our developers have solved. [...]

KDAB’s mentoring and support services is about helping your project or team on an on-going basis with small or complicated challenges that you do not have the time or skills to solve yourself. You get the benefit of our expertise and [...]

KDAB engineers can help you to switch from one OS to a another one, update a UI written in a legacy technology, or balance safeguarding current investments with going for a new opportunity. [...]

Bring legacy GUI toolkits such as Qt 3, Qt 4, Motif, Java, Tcl, GTK, .NET, MFC, and Photon to Qt 5. KDAB’s proven porting expertise with code migrations saves you time and guards you from unexpected surprises. [...]

KDAB's graphics and compute experts help you develop ultra-realistic 3D graphics and accelerated 2D user interfaces. We offer expertise in parallel processing, OpenGL, WebGL, Shaders, Vulkan and Qt 3D. [...]