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The KDAB Group provides software development and training

– Hundreds of projects delivered across desktop, mobile and embedded platforms[…]

– Automotive, 3D Graphics, Medical, Industrial Embedded, IPTV, Security & Telecom in focus

– 500+ Qt courses for companies such as Boeing, CERN, IBM
, Intel, Roche, Siemens and Shell qtws2016

KDAB Services

The Global No. 1 Software Consultancy for Independent Qt Development & Design

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KDAB Training

The Worldwide Market Leader for Qt Training plus OpenGL, C++11/C++14

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Cross-Platform Software Development

Qt, C++ and OpenGL consulting and architecture, code review and refactoring. We support you, across the full stack […]

Qt Application & GUI Design Development

We help you develop system architecture, Qt, QML and Qt Creator Extensions, UIs and content integration for multiple platforms […]

OpenGL – Speed up your Graphics

We configure, optimize and debug Qt with OpenGL to get optimal graphics performance on mobile and embedded hardware […]

Platforms – Optimize the Performance

Android, QNX, WindowsCE, embedded Linux… We do optimizations, HTML5, hybrid apps, UX design & touch screen UI development […]

Port legacy GUI-toolkit Code to Qt

We port from Qt3, Qt4 or GUI toolkits like, Motif, Java, Tcl, Gtk, MFC, .NET, Photon to Qt5 to so you can do more and faster with Qt […]

Qt, OpenGL, C++11/C++14 Training

Get yourself or your team up-to-speed with our courses in Qt, OpenGL, C++11/C++14 and Squish. Beginner to Advanced courses […]