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Competence Center (CCI) case study Putting intelligence into agriculture using Qt

When Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI) decided to bring their terminal up-to-date as part of the Group’s strategy to remain top of the field in advanced agritechnical innovation, they asked KDAB to help.

The user interface in the operator’s cab displays multiple applications. It can control complex agricultural tools, receive and display complex reports and much else besides. Crucially, it also needs to be easy to operate and understand.

For this project, QtQuick on Linux Embedded was the natural choice, but building a modern user-interface from scratch required a sound architectural foundation. This is something KDAB engineers know all about.  After building the basic framework using QtWayland they then went deeper into the stack to diagnose and fix a variety of more complex problems.

As a result of KDAB’s work, the CCI group can continue to lead the field in agritechnical innovation, with state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology, powered by Qt.


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