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Software solutions for Windows Embedded® / WinCE KDAB speeds up your success on Windows Embedded / WinCE

The KDAB Group

KDAB speeds up your success on Windows Embedded / WinCE

We are the market leaders of Qt on Windows Embedded and have supported software teams across the world for over a decade in building, maintaining, and modernizing Windows code on a plethora of innovative devices. We offer a wide range of custom software services – from small footprint optimization and bug triage to complete software stacks and new UXs.

KDAB services for Windows Embedded Compact, Windows Embedded CE, and Windows CE include:

  • Designing software architectures
    Creating solid, clean, modular, and flexible architectures is our specialty. We can help you design your system from the ground up, or we can review, modify, and expand your existing architecture to meet your new needs
  • Creating UXs
    We can help you design, create, and optimize your UX (in either 2D or 3D) while keeping in mind any specific requirements such as resource constraints, hardware optimizations, or internationalization
  • Building software prototypes
    KDAB can help you design and develop your prototypes, test them for reliability, ensure they’re easily ported to new hardware and configurations, and allow you to easily leverage your prototype software into other designs or projects
  • Profiling and optimization
    We can help your software team take their projects over the finish line using a wide array of tools, debuggers, and profilers that can pinpoint optimization sweet spots with the biggest returns
  • Enabling Qt and OpenGL
    As the creators and market leaders of Qt on Windows CE and Windows Embedded Compact, and deeply experienced in OpenGL/ES on Windows Embedded, we can help you keep the benefits of open source, open standards, and cross-platform development even when using a Windows platform.

KDAB: more than 10 years of experience with WIN CE / Windows Embedded Compact

With 10+ years of experience in customer projects built with Windows CE or Windows Embedded Compact, we have unparalleled insights into designing and developing on Windows-based platforms. KDAB works closely with Toradex, one of the world’s premier suppliers of Windows-enabled systems, and we have experience on a wide number of boards including ARM, NVIDIA, NXP/Freescale, and others. Contact us to learn how we can enhance your development efforts.

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