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Custom software solutions for Android® Boost productivity and performance of your Android Project

The KDAB Group

Boost productivity and performance of your Android Project

KDAB can help you to boost the performance of your Android project by integrating C++, Qt, 3rd party libraries and services. We have a long experience in “supplementing” Android development for making your daily development more productive as well as for getting stunning UIs on 2D/3D traffic maps, 3D Gaming, portable devices for exploration or monitoring as well as In-Vehicle Infotainment and In-flight Entertainment systems.

KDAB expertise in Android helps you to:

  • Improve the applications’ performance by using C++
  • in heavy computation and high performance applications with interactive graphics that visualize large amounts of data

  • Make use of the C libraries
  • with regard to image processing or other computation

  • Integrate 3rd party libraries & services
  • i.e. for mapping, or medical and other measuring devices that get input from active sensors

  • Use Android as a prototyping platform
  • for specific use (embedded or industrial embedded) before deciding on which hardware to use.

  • Become more productive on Android.
  • We help you with tools and APIs, including customization beyond those that Google provide

    KDAB, unique experience with Android

    KDAB’s experience in boosting Android development is unique. We are used to create heavy computation and high performance applications that visualize (with interactive graphics) large amounts of data that continuously is processed. We also have in-depth knowledge about how to improve applications that make use of C libraries for image processing or other computation that benefit from a full-featured C++ framework.

    KDAB’s Bogdan Vatra created the necessitas project / Ministro II which were installed by millions of users. Bogdan started the work on Qt on Android in 2009 has also published a power efficient ZX Spectrum emulator based on FUSE on Google Play “Spectacol.

    KDAB knows Android in detail, and is the official maintainer and the “go-to” company with regard to Qt on Android services

Contact us

KDAB expert have supported embedded and desktop customers since 1999. The software architecture of a complex system is where fundamental mistakes easily can be made. Diligent groundwork, to get it right from start, often proves a significant factor in creating better software. [...]

KDAB’s experts help you to improve performance of the whole stack. Some of our normal tasks are achieving more frames per second, faster boot-up time, improved usage of CPU(s), memory and/or the battery. [...]

In KDAB we have developed strategies for making your code base more robust and faster. Our workshops help you improve your software’s testability and the speed, quality and resilience of your code. [...]

We host a rich array of both Showcase and Presentation Videos created by KDAB's experts. Many of the presentations detail cutting edge techniques and tools that our engineers have devised to solve the wide diversity of issues currently facing serious developers. Watch and learn! [...]

Each month KDAB schedules me to maintain the Qt for Android port. Usually I review the pending patches or fix bugs, but on a quiet month I have time for new functionalities and improvements [...]

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