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Software solutions for macOS® KDAB helps you create a native look-and-feel

The KDAB Group

KDAB helps you create a native look-and-feel

KDAB contributes to the development of Qt on Mac, fixing bugs, improving performance an implementing brand new features. Our developers are passionate Mac users, experienced at producing Qt-based applications for the Mac which are App Store compliant, and follow the native look-and-feel guidelines, keeping code portable but leveraging native APIs and technologies cleanly.

KDAB’s more popular services on the Mac platform

  • Mac-native look
    We can tailor cross platforms interfaces to look truly Mac-native – starting with simple adjustments and progressing to custom widgets or embedding native controls. We can deliver macroscopic interface changes to meet demanding end-user expectation on the Mac, but retaining code compatibility with other platforms.
  • Packaging applications
    Creating a seamless packaging and deployment experience is vital for applications on the Mac; we have expertise packaging applications using a broad range of options, from disk-images to packages, covering code-signing, App Store sand-boxing, installation of authenticated binaries and beyond. All of this can be automated to ensure hassle-free creation of packaged applications by continuous integrations setups.
  • State of the art tools
    We use the best tools for the job – whether it be performance, memory usage or more, we’re familiar with the native tools on Mac, and the cross-platform options also available to look at graphics performance, memory usage and more.
  • Enhancing Qt support on Mac
    Whether it be around mapping, Bluetooth, in-app purchases or video playback, we’re already involving in contributing to the support for many areas of Qt on Apple platforms, and we can use our hands-on experience to help identify the most practical & cost-effective way to enhance Qt’s supports to meet you needs.
  • Cocoa integration
    Our work on the platform support code in Qt means we’re happy to work on integrating Cocoa code with your application – whether it be creating Cocoa plugins that use Qt internally, wrapping an NSView-based library up as a QWidget, or creating hybrid UIs to ease migration between codebases, we’ve had prior experience and can share it.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your macOS project