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Mentoring and Support Services Benefit from KDAB's support and expert advice

Benefit from KDAB's support and expert advice

KDAB’s mentoring and support services is about helping your project or team on an on-going basis with small or complicated challenges that you do not have the time or skills to solve yourself. You get the benefit of our expertise and experience, when you need it, with both general and specific questions about software development, including support on one or multiple platforms if required.

As we often create cross-platform solutions with individual fixes to specific platforms, we have a good feeling for what works or not. Our mentoring and support services cover projects related to Qt, C++ and OpenGL with regard to:

James went above and beyond our expectations and we really appreciate all the help.

Armin Samii, 3D Tools Lead, Avametric, San Francisco, CA

  • bug fixing, including a special offer for Qt bug fixing 
  • platform choice and implementation 
  • software architecture, from scratch as well as re-architecturing 
  • User Interface (UI) design 
  • software licensing options / commercial or open source 
  • software development processes, agile and scrum 
  • software optimizations / code profiling tools / code refactoring tools

As part of our services you can benefit from yearly follow-ups including code reviews. The mentoring can also be provided on-site for limited periods of time.

Multiple language support: KDAB’s personal software mentoring is available in multiple languages. We usually mentor in English.  However a French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Romanian, or Hungarian-speaking contact engineer can be arranged. You only pay for the time spent, and your questions will primarily be solved by using a web interface, email or chat. 

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