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KDAB offers unique Qt Expert Services Develop unique Qt and QML applications with KDAB's expertise

The KDAB Group

Develop unique Qt and QML applications with KDAB's expertise

KDAB provides Qt Expert services for native and hybrid Qt applications across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. We also develop specialized Qt tools such as GammaRay, tailored Qt Creator extensions, custom Qt SDKs – integration of 3rd party libraries and more.

KDAB’s expertise within the Qt community is unrivaled

  • First Qt service provider in the world
  • Original and leading provider of Qt trainings – unrivaled in quality and availability
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Independent advisor on Qt licensing and technology choices

KDAB experts lead the development of the Qt Project for:

  • embedded platforms like: Qt for Android, Qt for QNX, Qt for Windows CE
  • focused areas like: Qt 3D (OpenGL), QtWebChannel, QtBase (Qt Widgets) and QtBase (Qt Core)

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