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Consulting and
Architecture Services
Improve all aspects of your software by bringing in KDABs experts

Improve all aspects of your software by bringing in KDABs experts

Our consulting and troubleshooting services extend across the full stack at any level of integration. We have the flexibility to work with you from definition, to review and implementation.

Our Full Stack Consulting and Architecture services covers:

Code Review

We can help you maintain or reach higher code quality by systematically reviewing your code, suggesting improvements and even implementing it. The KDAB Group has long and in-depth experience in using Qt or C++ idioms to create stable, fast, and easy-to-read code.

Many of our engineers are respected reviewers in some of the world’s most important Free Software projects.

Code Refactoring

You may have heard about refactoring and how it can greatly improve software quality. Our KDAB refactoring experts improve your code and explain what they do, as they develop, so your engineers can continue to keep up the high quality afterwards.

Need to evaluate Qt for your project?

We can help you evaluate whether Qt is the right choice for your project. We know all about Qt, its license options, its strengths and weaknesses, and much about its competitors. We help you decide if other software options might be a better choice for you.

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