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Qt on Android.
Application and Feature Development
Target Android and benefit from KDAB's leadership

Qt on Android, <span class="entry-title-primary">Qt on Android. <br>Application and Feature Development</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Target Android and benefit from KDAB's leadership</span>

Target Android and benefit from KDAB's leadership

KDAB’s unique knowledge and leadership on Qt on Android enables you to quickly make existing C++ and Qt applications available on Android. Optimizing integrations on the C and OpenGL level and building touch screen UIs in record time for a variety of domain are also part of our specialties.

KDAB can help you develop Qt on Android applications with:

  • minimal memory footprint and optimal power consumption.
  • customized Android APIs for specific controls/use cases
  • tailored solutions with authentic Android look & feel and deep integration
  • missing features or access of features you need

We are proud of our skills to:

  • kick-start and speed up development of Qt on Android projects
  • develop Android apps
  • deal with complex integration of external information sources and high data throughput
  • create stunning UIs

Example of KDAB’s Qt on Android integrations:

  • Implementing Android features for which Qt doesn’t have an API, e.g.:
    • listening for Android O.S. notifications:
    • SD card notifications: bad removal, eject, (un)mounted etc.
    • network notifications: network up/down
    • battery level and charging state
  • Enabling accessing of Android OS features:
    • telephony (Initiate calls, MMS, SMS, etc.)
    • contacts
    • speech (TTS and Speech Recognizer)
    • system accounts, system preferences
    • NFC, USB…
  • Use cases for KDAB’s Qt on Android projects:
    • Point-of-sale terminals and mobile applications
    • In-vehicle and in-flight infotainment systems
    • Data access across a network. Navigation, Satellite TV/radio receivers, Network management consoles
    • Medical and other measuring devices with input from active sensors
    • Seismic data handling in oil & gas, portable devices for exploration or monitoring
    • Home and Broadcast Media. Enabling continuous control of encoders/decoders

Example of KDAB leadership on Qt on Android

KDAB’s Bogdan Vatra created the necessitas project / Ministro II which were installed by millions of users. Bogdan started the work on Qt on Android in 2009 has also published a power efficient ZX Spectrum emulator based on FUSE on Google Play, Spectacol.

KDAB is the the official maintainer and worldwide “go-to” company with regard to Qt on Android.

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