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Qt on Android.
Application and Feature Development
Target Android and benefit from KDAB's leadership

Target Android and benefit from KDAB's leadership

KDAB’s unique knowledge and leadership on Qt on Android enables you to quickly make existing C++ and Qt applications available on Android. Optimizing integrations on the C and OpenGL level and building touch screen UIs in record time for a variety of domain are also part of our specialties.

KDAB can help you develop Qt on Android applications with:

  • minimal memory footprint and optimal power consumption.
  • customized Android APIs for specific controls/use cases
  • tailored solutions with authentic Android look & feel and deep integration
  • missing features or access of features you need

We are proud of our skills to:

  • kick-start and speed up development of Qt on Android projects
  • develop Android apps
  • deal with complex integration of external information sources and high data throughput
  • create stunning UIs

Example of KDAB’s Qt on Android integrations:

  • Implementing Android features for which Qt doesn’t have an API, e.g.:
    • listening for Android O.S. notifications:
    • SD card notifications: bad removal, eject, (un)mounted etc.
    • network notifications: network up/down
    • battery level and charging state
  • Enabling accessing of Android OS features:
    • telephony (Initiate calls, MMS, SMS, etc.)
    • contacts
    • speech (TTS and Speech Recognizer)
    • system accounts, system preferences
    • NFC, USB…
  • Use cases for KDAB’s Qt on Android projects:
    • Point-of-sale terminals and mobile applications
    • In-vehicle and in-flight infotainment systems
    • Data access across a network. Navigation, Satellite TV/radio receivers, Network management consoles
    • Medical and other measuring devices with input from active sensors
    • Seismic data handling in oil & gas, portable devices for exploration or monitoring
    • Home and Broadcast Media. Enabling continuous control of encoders/decoders

Example of KDAB leadership on Qt on Android

KDAB’s Bogdan Vatra created the necessitas project / Ministro II which were installed by millions of users. Bogdan started the work on Qt on Android in 2009 has also published a power efficient ZX Spectrum emulator based on FUSE on Google Play, Spectacol.

KDAB is the the official maintainer and worldwide “go-to” company with regard to Qt on Android.

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