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Software solutions for the QNX® platform Build robust and modern looking safety regulated projects

The KDAB Group

Build robust and modern looking safety regulated projects

KDAB’s experience with QNX software comes from a wide range of successful projects across a number of industries, including automotive systems, safety-critical medical equipment, smart phones and tablets, embedded applications, and more. With our knowledge of the QNX software stack – from low-level BSPs to high-level APIs – we can offer in-depth support for your project.

KDAB’s QNX platform expertise supports you in:

  • Application development As an official QNX partner, KDAB can add software competence and capacity to your project across the entire software stack. We have successfully deployed applications on a variety of QNX-based systems, including the latest QNX SDP 6.6, the traditional QNX SDP 6.5, previous versions of the QNX Neutrino RTOS, and the QNX CAR Platform.
  • Modernizing your QNX project We have unique competence at porting legacy Photon microGUI applications to newer graphical environments supported on the latest versions of the QNX Neutrino RTOS. These provide features that:

    • give your application a fluid and high-performing UI with a contemporary look and feel
    • benefit from using up-to-date APIs such as OpenGL and Qt
    • modernize your codebase to conform to the latest industry standards of cutting edge C++, easing the maintenance process
    • Download our Photon to Qt Migration guide…
  • Profiling and optimization KDAB can help you find the right balance between today’s demanding graphical applications and the resource constraints of embedded hardware
  • Integrating free software packages Many QNX components are available for free as are a great number of open-source libraries and packages from the UNIX/Linux world. KDAB’s expertise in porting POSIX code to QNX combined with our ability to properly handle a mix of open source and commercial code, can help you get the most out of each
  • Creating multi-platform software We can help you safeguard your investments with cross-platform development that future-proofs your codebase
  • Maintaining your QNX stack KDAB can help you with BSP, driver, and library customizations for your particular hardware-software combination, even if dealing with custom electronics or no longer supported hardware

Some of KDAB’s successful QNX projects:

Port of Qt to BlackBerry 10 Together with QNX Software Systems, KDAB brought the Qt framework to QNX SDP 6.5 and 6.6, as well as to BlackBerry 10. KDAB is the official maintainer of Qt on QNX and the leading training provider for the BB10 platform

Development of in-car infotainment system KDAB helped create a QNX-based next-generation infotainment system for cars. The project involved developing low-level BSPs for targeted hardware boards, hardware-software interface modules, the main HMI application architecture, and custom tooling for development, debugging, and profiling Nautical infotainment / navigation device demo View the demo…

Safety-critical systems KDAB is an ISO 9001 certified company and is experienced in working with safety-critical systems and devices. Our experience spans years of working with QNX architecture and in application development on various QNX platforms where safety is paramount.

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