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Development Resources:
Qt, C++ and OpenGL
Explore and benefit from the KDAB experts News, Blogs, Videos, Tools and Components

The KDAB Group

Explore and benefit from the KDAB experts News, Blogs, Videos, Tools and Components

KDABs development resources help you to save time as well as to improve your skills in Qt, C++ and OpenGL.

As users of the very latest technology, we offer trainings, technology insights as well as share our know-how about how to organize the development work. We also share our internal Qt tools (free of charge). Blogs, presentations and talks are based upon our latest learnings from hands-on project work with our clients as well as developer events from different parts of the world.

If you would like to improve your personal skills or the productivity of your team, you can sign-up for our leading Qt, C++11/C++14 and OpenGL training. We provide scheduled trainings for individuals as well as on-site trainings for teams.

If your company has a problem or would benefit from an experts’ perspective, please contact us to learn how we can work together – We offer project support as well as workshops for areas such as profiling and refactoring, migrations, architecture and development processes such as Agile and Scrum.

Please enjoy our development resources.

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We host a rich array of both Showcase and Presentation Videos featuring cutting edge demos, techniques and tools developed from the wide diversity of challenges our developers have solved. [...]

As software developers, we know what it is like to perform the same tasks over and over again. Based upon our internal tools and software modules we created and maintain powerful Qt tools to make you more efficient. [...]

From 2012 to 2014, KDAB had the honor and pleasure to organize the biggest Qt community event of the year, Qt Developer Days in Berlin. We are delighted to offer you the rich resources from those three years – videos, slides and more. Qt Developer Days 2014 Qt Developer Days 2013 Qt Developer Days 2012 […] [...]

KDAB’s scheduled and on-site trainings are tailored to offer a maximum of 12 software developers a hands-on, practical programming training, for both beginners and experienced developers. [...]

[table-wrap bordered=”true” striped=”true”] Standard HTML table code goes here. [/table-wrap] Book KDAB’s experts for an on-site training course for your team at your preferred location, e.g. at your office or at a KDAB facility in Berlin (Germany) or Manchester (U.K). On-site training is most suitable for teams of 5 up to 12 persons. Boeing, CERN, […] [...]

With our software engineering services you can either temporarily use us to increase your software development capacity, or outsource a complete development project to us. We can help your projects by: specifying and implementing your entire development, from scratch supplementing your project by implementing parts of the application continuing the software development of a project […] [...]

KDAB’s experts help you to improve performance of the whole stack. Some of our normal tasks are achieving more frames per second, faster boot-up time, improved usage of CPU(s), memory and/or the battery. [...]

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