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Agile Software Development Make your project more agile. Best practice sharing with KDAB

Make your project more agile. Best practice sharing with KDAB

Our expertise in Agile can help your software processes to better respond to shorter product lifecycles, changing specifications and priorities which make the planning and implementation of your software development projects more unpredictable than ever.

In our consulting work, our KDAB engineers are exposed to a wide variety of software development processes, from very strict waterfall approaches to more or less successful adoptions of agile methods. Several of our KDAB experts are certified Scrum Masters or Practitioners. During the years we have worked with many organizations that try to streamline their development workflows and to become more agile. We have seen how Scrum, Kanban and other process frameworks increasingly are becoming the norm rather than an exception in software development.

Based on those experiences we have developed a set of sensible, practical best practices which we use for our own software development as well as for most of our business processes. Our hands-on, no-nonsense stuff does not follow any particular method blindly, nor does it require a certification. We focus on what we have seen work and do not sell any certifications.

We know that the introduction of agile development methods is not something that happens overnight. It’s a change process, that often is challenging, demands good collaboration and needs careful planing and supervision. To help you evaluate agile, or to improve your development processes in general we are happy to share our best practise, built up from software projects across various industries.

Modules of a typical* agile development workshop:

  • look at how you are doing things at the moment and what of that works and should be retained
  • suggest ideas of how things might become more agile
  • share experiences and best-practice guidelines
  • explain core concepts and practices worth trying
  • introduce tools that might help support the transition and the resulting practice
  • help get buy-in from management or other concerned stake holders

*The workshop will be tailored to your specific needs. Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll get back to you to discuss what you would like to focus on and what you can expect.

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