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Vulkan® – next generation graphics & compute We help you incorporate the Vulkan API to your project

We help you incorporate the Vulkan API to your project

KDAB is happy that the recently released Vulkan API specification will offer a route to very high performance graphics and compute functionality on today’s and tomorrow’s GPU hardware. With KDAB’s wealth of OpenGL experience we can help bring this cutting edge, high performance API to your application.

KDAB’s experts can work with you to exploit Vulkan’s increased cross-platform capabilities and bring higher performance, increased battery life and reduced thermal output to your mobile and second screen apps.

We can help you to speed up graphics performance by taking advantage of Vulkan’s multithreading on multiple GPU cores, producing faster, more efficient software that consumes less power.

With this new API we can also help you exploit the power of multiple GPUs for non-graphical solutions.

Other advantages of the Vulkan will offer:

  • open specifications
  • a unified API for mobile, desktop, console and embedded platforms
  • simple drivers for low-overhead efficiency and more cross vendor consistency
  • open source tools(after its release), so it will evolve fast and be robust
  • supported by nVidia, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Google, Vivante, Valve and many others

We can offer you:

  • workshops and mentoring to assist your move to Vulkan
  • configuration, optimization and debugging of Vulkan on desktop, mobile and embedded systems
  • help embedding Vulkan code in your application
  • assistance with migrating your OpenGL legacy code to Vulkan

Find out more about Vulkan. Read our Nine Steps to Vulkan Literacy whitepaper.

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KDAB’s engineers have worked extensively with OpenGL, Vulkan’s predecessor, and are currently responsible for the creation of Qt 3D, bringing 3D graphics capability to the Qt framework. With the release of the Vulkan API we will soon be incorporating that technology into Qt 3D. We are very excited that we will can pass these powerful new graphical capabilities on to our customers. KDAB is also a contributor member of the Khronos Group, creators of the Vulkan API.

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