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Application and UI Modernization Services Modernize legacy code and UIs with KDAB's support

Modernize legacy code and UIs with KDAB's support

KDAB can help you bring your project up-to-date with a modern look. We can support you with your development project from the evaluation and definition of updates until the final implementation.

Our experts tackle challenging use cases regularly, for example, adding 3D and animations features that modern UIs and applications often require. In addition, you can use us to temporarily increase your development capacity. And we can help you make all of those UX changes with security and certifications in mind.

Application Modernization – We help you target more platforms

Application modernization gets your application to run on more screens and platforms. We can help you to target additional screens on new platforms by creating a cross-platform application that re-uses parts of the code: desktop to desktop; Windows, Mac, Linux desktop to mobile; Windows, Mac => iOS, and Android embedded to mobile.

GUI Modernization – Stay competitive with our UI/UX design and development support

We can help you to create new, distinctive icons with a native look & feel across multiple platforms. Our expert UI/UX design team will work with you to optimize usability and give your application a finely designed, modern user interface. And if you need to add features like remote control or video playback to your application, we’re experts in building those features properly to take best advantage of your hardware.

Code Modernization – Improve the performance of your code

High performance software, code base and drivers, need to be updated on a regular basis to stay modern. Whether you are re-architecting, tuning your existing applications or re-architecting the application for a new machine, we are aware of the interplay between programming and the efficient use of resources. Building parallel versions can enable applications to run large data sets in less time. Whether you use, or plan to use vector computing or multi-threading – we are experienced at improving the performance of large projects.

Code Migration of Legacy toolkits

We help you reduce the risk as well as to extend the value of your project investments in legacy GUI toolkits. We are proven experts in making one-off migrations of legacy code to Qt with regard to:

  • MFC to Qt Motif to Qt
  • Qt3 to Qt 4
  • Qt4 to Qt5
  • C++98 to C++11/14/17

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Examples of industries which KDAB support are: SCADA, Oil & Gas, CAD-CAM, Scientific, Medical, Broadcasting/Media and Tax/Admin.

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