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KDAB provides modern C++ expert services Take advantage of cutting edge C++ features and training

The KDAB Group

Take advantage of cutting edge C++ features and training

KDAB has broad, deep experience delivering cost-effective, long-term, pragmatic solutions that modernise existing C++ codebases without losing functionality during the process.

KDAB also offers market leading C++ courses for project teams as well as for individuals who are experienced in C++ and like to benefit from the latest progress and features of the C++ programming, up to and including C++23.

KDAB’s C++ expert services are characterized by:

Strong performance improvements We take advantage of cutting edge C++11, C++14 and C++17 features, while being pragmatic about compiler, system and hardware limitations. We are experienced in optimizing customer specific combinations of CPU, GPU, memory and flash disk.

Selective improvements of code generation and footprint We only select the best data structures for each workload, based on target system, cache coherency and concurrency requirements.

Rigorous testing We modernize legacy code by using incremental improvements combined with continuous testing.

Bug fixing in parallel code bases We find data races and fix deadlocks. We also analyze problems with existing code and improve its performance by parallelizing it, both on the CPU and/or the GPU.

Optimal use of limited hardware resources We squeeze every cycle out of embedded devices, decrease and optimize the memory consumption of your software, and improve performances on both the CPU and the GPU. Profile-driven analysis allows us to quickly identify the problematic areas even in a big codebase, and develop solutions to fix the issues.

The right C++ tool for the job We have extensive experience with static code- and runtime-analysis tools, many of which we helped to develop. This enables us to fix a vast range of common code defects and inefficiencies, quickly and easily. Learn more here

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