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KDAB TV – Recent Videos KDAB's YouTube Channel: Qt, C++ and 3D tutorials, news and more

KDAB's YouTube Channel: Qt, C++ and 3D tutorials, news and more

KDAB as the global No.1 software consultancy for Qt, C++ and 3D applications and has been a relevant source for professional software developers for 20 years, offering a good mix of valuable information. As video content has become increasingly relevant, we have decided to offer regular, highly visible videos for professional developers using Qt, C++ and 3D technologies.

The channel offers tutorials for beginners and advanced developers presented by our experienced experts as well as show cases, C++, Qt and 3D related news, insights on events and trends.


Qt 6.2 and Beyond

an Interview with Maurice Kalinowski, for KDAB News

Maurice, from The Qt Company, was going to talk about this for our Qt Developer Conference, but as you probably know, that got postponed to next June. So we invited Maurice to tell us something about the latest developments with Qt 6.2 in our summer edition of KDAB News. He gave us lots to think about.

Multimedia with Qt – a new series:

jean-Michäel Celerier introduces the series in Part 1 and defines what multimedia is. He gives an overview of the current state of tasks such as displaying videos, playing sounds and getting camera feeds, and an overview of the various libraries available to integrate with Qt.

How to get good looking demos – Integrating 3D Scenes

Usually, to update or integrate 3D models into applications, you, the Developer, have to ask Designers for all the parts and then reassemble them manually each time. With Kuesa, all this is simplified, saving you time, without compromising on the 3D model’s quality as you directly use the scene (models + animations) created by the Designer.

6 Steps for Legacy Software Migration

with Robert Brock and Kevin Funk

Porting legacy code from Motif, MFC, Photon or previous Qt versions to a more recent Qt version can be a big challenge. Sometimes it’s definitely worth the time and money to port software to a new toolkit rather than doing a complete rewrite, other times it’s not. In less than 3 minutes, this video will show you the most important steps to consider before you start.