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Qt on QNX Neutrino RTOS Do like QNX - Use KDAB's expertise to ensure your success

Do like QNX - Use KDAB's expertise to ensure your success

KDAB brought Qt 5 to the QNX platform and contributed heavily to the platform plugins for the QNX operating system. These contributions range from Qt widgets, to QML, to deep OpenGL integration, to powerful HTML5 support based on WebKit.

  • We know this powerful software stack inside and out and we trained QNX staff on it
  • We helped Blackberry build the new BlackBerry 10 platform for phones and tablets and its Cascades UI framework, based on Qt

KDAB engineers have the skills and experience to:

  • get Qt and QNX on your hardware
  • create visually stunning as well as robust and maintainable embedded solutions
  • make excellent use of hardware acceleration and to integrate it with web technologies as HTML and JavaScript
  • support your technology choice for the project or product needs.
  • provide Qt Support to QNX customers.
  • help you with any part of the stack, from the graphics hardware driver all the way up to the user interface

Qt Support for QNX Customers

We provide this support, for multiple industries, under the same conditions and pricing as QNX’s own product support. If you need a more tailored solution, service level agreement or scope, we are of course happy to accommodate that as well.

Migrations of the Photon or GF toolkits to Qt

If you are already a QNX user and have previously developed applications with the Photon or GF toolkits, we can help you transition to Qt. Learn more about KDAB approach to migrations by viewing the “Photon to Qt Migrations videoKDAB’s Photon to Qt migration framework The Photon to Qt migration framework helps you control the complexity and cost of the migration project. The framework consists of the following parts:

  • a partial implementation of the Photon API in Qt, covering the most important use cases
  • a library of Qt widgets as slot-in replacements for Photon widgets that do not exist in Qt by default
  • a converter for Photon Application Builder description files into Qt Designer description files

These tools allow for a staged, step-by-step approach to exchanging Photon with Qt; minimizing risk and enabling intermediary, shippable increments that retain the investment into the existing code base and the knowledge embedded in it. Our extensive migration experience with transitions from various legacy toolkits to Qt can help you make this daunting prospect manageable.

Download our Photon to Qt Migration guide…

Qt and QNX User Experience Design

In case you are looking for help with the user experience design of your product; talk to our team to find out how we can integrate graphics and user interaction design into our work. Without expensive, throw-away prototypes we can help you find a working, usable and fast interface with few iterations and stunning visual results. Contact us if you are interested in using Qt on QNX or already decided and need help making the most of that combination of technologies. We are looking forward to helping you build modern, performant, robust, secure and reliable products making the most of QNX and Qt.

Qt on QNX

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