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Software Projects, Work Shops and Trainings Let KDAB make the difference - Get insights from our experts

Let KDAB make the difference - Get insights from our experts

The KDAB Group is the global No.1 in software consultancy and software development for Qt, C++ and OpenGL applications across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. Among our customers are major international companies like Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, Sigma³, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens. We also support smaller companies that lead their market segments through innovation.

KDAB’s experts in Qt, C++ and OpenGL help you to successfully develop functional and high-performing software. We modernize and innovate your applications so you can target embedded, mobile and desktop platforms such as Windows, Windows Embedded, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, embedded Linux and QNX. KDAB is an ISO certified company. We have a track record of delivering hundreds of software projects with the highest quality, on time.

Through the last 10 years we have built runtimes and developed infrastructure for applications and user interfaces running in cars, medical devices, mobile phones, tablets, industrial machines, oil wells and desktops.

Contact us for expert opinions and hands-on support with regard to our software services

Code migration of GUI Toolkits Bring legacy toolkits to Qt. Use KDAB's proven porting experience

KDAB has unique experience in porting the code base for toolkits like Qt 3, Qt 4, Motif, Java, Tcl, GTK, .NET, MFC, and Photon to Qt 5. Porting a legacy GUI toolkits to Qt5 is often a job where proven experience saves a lot of time. Benefits of porting Qt3, Qt4 and/or other legacy GUI Toolkits […]

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Code Migration & Modernization Workshops Leverage KDAB's expertise - Modernize your code base

KDAB has a long and proven experience in code migrations. Our experts can provide you with recommendations of how to modernize your code base as well as making a fast and safe code migration for you. An existing code base can be a great asset

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Software Workshops with Experts Benefit from KDAB's unique experience in Qt, C++ and OpenGL

When you are stuck, or don’t know how to get started, you can benefit from our experienced experts. We dig into your challenges and provide you with an expert’s perspective. Our hands-on consulting engineers have years of

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KDAB Blogs

Stay up-to-date and get inspiration from KDAB’s expert insights into Qt, C++ and OpenGL development.
Our engineers and designers share cutting-edge technology news and ideas with regard to Qt, QML, Qt on Android, OpenGL, Qt 3D, Vulkan, Scalable UIs and more embedded, mobile and desktop-related topics.


Consulting and Architecture Services Improve all aspects of your software by bringing in KDABs experts

Our consulting and troubleshooting services extend across the full stack at any level of integration. We have the flexibility to work with you from definition, to review and implementation.

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Leading Edge UX and UI Design Services Modern and pixel perfect UIs with KDAB's in-house design team

In KDAB we regard the UX and UI design as an integral part of our software process. We use our in-house design team as well as partners with usability expertise to create software that is possible to implement and great to use.

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Showcase videos Videos of demos from KDAB showcasing a range of technologies

KDAB Presentations Showcase Videos Showcase videos and information about Nautical Infotainment, Industrial Measuring Systems, Trader Phones, Digital Dashboard Projection and a Digital Portfolio.

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KDAB Customers Automotive, Medical, Industrial Embedded, Entertainment, Government, Consumer Software…

KDAB’s customers are varied, both in business type and location. The majority of our customers are working in major international companies

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