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Let KDAB make the difference - Get insights from our experts

The KDAB Group

Let KDAB make the difference - Get insights from our experts

Software services. KDAB experts in Qt, C++ and OpenGL help you to successfully develop functional and high-performing software. We modernize and innovate your applications so you can target embedded, mobile and desktop platforms such as Windows, Windows Embedded, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, embedded Linux and QNX. KDAB is an ISO certified company and we have a track record of delivering hundreds of software projects with the highest quality, on time.

Through the last 10 years we have built runtimes and developed infrastructure for applications and user interfaces running in cars, medical devices, mobile phones, tablets, industrial machines, oil wells and desktops.

Contact us for expert opinions and hands-on support with regard to our software services

Bring legacy GUI toolkits such as Qt 3, Qt 4, Motif, Java, Tcl, GTK, .NET, MFC, and Photon to Qt 5. KDAB’s proven porting expertise with code migrations saves you time and guards you from unexpected surprises. [...]

KDAB engineers can help you to switch from one OS to a another one, update a UI written in a legacy technology, or balance safeguarding current investments with going for a new opportunity. [...]

When you are stuck, or don’t know how to get started, you can benefit from our experienced expertise. We will help dig into your challenges and provide you with an expert perspective. [...]

We host a rich array of both Showcase and Presentation Videos featuring cutting edge demos, techniques and tools developed from the wide diversity of challenges our developers have solved. [...]

Our consulting and troubleshooting services extend across the full stack at any level of integration. We can help you avoid fundamental mistakes in getting the software architecture right. [...]

In KDAB we regard UX and UI design as an integral part of our software process. Our in-house design team helps you design interactive prototypes, wireframes and mock-ups to create modern and pixel perfect UIs. [...]

We provide clients with high quality, engineering focused, desktop and embedded software, across automotive, medical, industrial and many other industries. [...]