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Qt Developer Days 2013

From 2012 to 2014, KDAB had the honor and pleasure to organize the biggest Qt community event of the year, Qt Developer Days in Berlin. We are delighted to offer you the rich resources from those three years – videos, slides and more.


Title (click link for video) Abstract Presenter Slides Category
Welcome The welcome speach by President Kalle Dalheimer. Kalle Dalheimer No Slides No category
Breaking Down Technology & Application Silos As application development continues evolving at a rapid pace developers are faced with a myriad of platforms competing for their affection. Tommi Laitinen – Digia Qt No slides No category
Qt Insight Aqumin is a startup company dedicated to bringing powerful interactive visualization to the financial industry. Using the power of modern GPUs, it is now possible to… Kevin Franklin – Qt Insights Slides No category
The Qt Path Lars Knoll will give a detailed technical overview of Qt’s development process in the past 12 months together with the Qt Project. He will focus on the upcoming Qt 5.2 Lars Knoll – Digia Qt No slides No category
Apps on Speed Often one might think: Machines get faster and faster, thus it gets less and less important whether my code runs fast or not.

False! Making your applications faster is important.

Milian Wolff – KDAB Slides Performance
Speeding up your Qt app with new QtNetwork features Are you writing a Qt application that uses the network? Are you e.g. using data from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Then this presentation might help you. Peter Hartmann – BlackBerry Slides Performance
Analysing & Solving Qt UI Performance Problems On Embedded Hardware When developing UIs for embedded devices, it is not uncommon to hit performance problems on target hardware – whether the UI start-up takes too long or the animation is slow. Phil Brumby – Mentor Graphics Slides Performance
QmlWeb — Running QtQuick Applications on the Web QML is the language that makes writing application UIs easier than ever before. QmlWeb now brings this ease to the web. Anton Kreuzkamp – KDE & Thomas McGuire – KDAB No slides Web
Applied Type Erasure in Qt 5 The QVariant class in Qt provides a type-erased and runtime-type-checked type for use in Qt applications. Last year I gave a talk on how the QVariant is implemented and how it works… Stephen Kelly – KDAB Slides In-depth
QtQuick and Input Events (Touch, Mouse, Keyboard) An in depth view on how touch and mouse input handling works in Qt Quick 2. Qt Quick 2 provides several components to handle input, but so far there are several tricky issues. Frederik Gladhorn – Digia Qt Slides In-depth
Signals and Slots in Qt 5 Signals and Slot is one of the Qt’s key concept. Qt 5 introduce a new connection syntax, which allows compile time checking, smart type conversion, connection to lambdas… Olivier Goffart – Woboq Slides In-depth
Qt 5.2’s QML engin in depth The QML module in Qt 5.2 comes with many changes, the biggest one being the replacement of the JavaScript engine. This presentation will outline the underlying motivation behind it. Simon Hausmann – Digia Qt No slides In-depth
Developing Embedded Linux Applications with Qt Embedded Linux application development is not simple, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be hard. Qt 5 provides most of the necessary middleware for your application. Andy Nichols – Digia Qt Slides Embedded
A Qt-based GENIVI Stack The GENIVI alliance has made Linux. Johan Thelin – Pelagicore Slides Embedded
Take Your Apps on the Road – an Automotive “101” for Developers BlackBerry’s subsidiary, QNX Software Systems, is a leading provider of software platforms for the automotive infotainment market. This market segment, like many others, is being transformed.
Python 3 and Qt 5 with QML This presentation highlights the history of Python-on-Mobile development (PySide, Python 2 with Qt4), followed by a quick reality check of real-world mobile Python applications and their shortcomings. Thomas Perl – Slides Add-ons
Asynchronous programming (and more) with Qt5 and C++11 C++11 and Qt5 are a match made in heaven when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency in daily development tasks. Many problems which used to require intricate and ugly solutions… Dario Freddi – Ispirata Slides C++
Natural task scheduling using futures and continuations We are used to think about algorithms in a procedural manner – with loops, branches and subroutines. Presenting an algorithm as an easily understandable flow between its steps… Ivan Čukić – KDE Slides C++
Qt vs OpenGL — Embedded With Qt 5 and the embedded hardware… Thomas Senyk – Pelagicore Slides OpenGL
Building 3D OpenGL Scenes with Qt 5 and QML This presentation is intended as an introduction for everyone looking to combine the flexibility and ease of use provided by QML with the low level rendering performance of modern OpenGL. Krzysztof Krzewniak – ICS, Inc. Slides OpenGL
Integrating QtQuick with 3D renderers QtQuick provides a modern 2D UI framework, rendered using OpenGL. In a wide range of applications and fields, this UI needs to be combined with existing rendering technologies… James Turner – KDAB Slides OpenGL
QML Tricks and Treats This fast-paced one-hour talk is for moderately experienced QML developers and touches on some of more challenging aspects of QML application development. Vladimir Moolle – ICS Slides QML/Qt Quick
Practical QML What topics entail the liveliest discussions when you talk to the makers of in-vehicle infotainment systems, agricultural driver terminals or set-top boxes about building with QML. Burkhard Stubert – Embedded Use Slides QML/Qt Quick
Adaptable UIs with QtQuick Modern mobile UIs have both high standards and diverse platforms. Naturally your application logic runs the same everywhere thanks to Qt, but for a pixel-perfect UI you may have… Alan Alpert – BlackBerry Slides QML/Qt Quick
QML across all UI stacks — Support for QtWidgets When QML is the topic it is seen by many as a part of QtQuick. However, with the introduction of BlackBerry10’s…> Kevin Krammer, Tobias König – KDAB Slides QML/Qt Quick
Step by step Qt on Android tutorial This step by step tutorial is an introduction on how to setup and use Qt Creator to create, deploy, debug sign and publish Qt apps for Android. Bogdan Vatra Slides Platforms
Qt on WinRT Apart from a new touch-oriented experience, Microsoft’s latest family of Windows operating systems also brings a new API: Windows Runtime (WinRT). Andrew Knight – Digia Qt No slides Platforms
Qt for iOS With Qt 5.2, Qt will ship with support for iOS. This talk will give a presentation on what you need to know when creating Qt applications for iOS. Richard Moe Gustavsen – Master in Informatics, UiO Slides Platforms
Targeting multiple mobile platforms with Qt Creator Application development for mobile devices with Qt looks more promising than ever before with the possibility to targets platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, SailfishOS, Ubuntu… Aurindam Jana – Digia Slides Tooling
Extending Qt Creator The Qt Creator powerful Integrated Development Environment tailored to Qt development. But no IDE is perfect. Tobias Hunger – Digia Germany GmbH Slides Tooling
Qt Creator Plugin Development This session is for developers who want to write their own plugins for Qt Creator.

The session will cover a short introduction to the plugin architecture built into Qt Creator and then proceed to key areas for developing a new plugin.

Tobias Hunger – Digia Germany GmbH Slides Tooling
Testing of embedded and mobile Qt and QML Applications The benefits of automated tests in general, such as the ability to run more tests in less time, also apply to GUI tests. But automating GUI tests for Qt and QML user interfaces in a cross-platform Reginald Stadlbauer, Harri Porten Slides Tooling
Design trends, they come and go? Recently, in the computer UI/UX world we have seen a surge of Minimalist design that opposes the skeomorphic trends of late. It as been considered as an “”authentic design”” surge… Nuno Pinheiro – KDAB No slides Design
KDE Frameworks 5: Qt add-ons overview Qt and KDE are moving even closer together with the development of KDE Frameworks 5, a collection of stand-alone add-ons to Qt. With a first tech preview scheduled for December 2013. Davud Faure – KDAB, Mirko Boehm – Endocode AG Slides Add-ons
Introducing QtWebEngine QtWebEngine is a new project that focuses on integrating web content into Qt applications. While it is currently still in the prototyping phase, we are confident that it is here to stay. Pierre Rossi – Digia Norway Slides Web
Minding the Gap The quality of a user experience is equally dependent on a quality design and a quality implementation of that design. By “quality of implementation” I don’t mean code quality… Dorothy Shamonsky, Andrew Babkin – ICS, Inc Slides Design
Fast QML UI prototyping for platforms WITHOUT Qt/QtQuick support Every now and then we come across a platform that does not support Qt, or whose list of Qt modules does not include QtQuick(2), is lacking in performance, or which simply lacks… Attila Csipa – Nokia Slides Design

Lightning Talks

Title (click link for video) Presenter
Accessing Android System Services with Qt for an Aircraft Walter Roth
Banana accounting spreadsheet software José Del Romano
Cheap radio control for electronic timing systems Dalheimer & Dumas
Easy Qt Development on embedded devices with Hemera Dario Freddi
Widget Application as a Back-end Service for Web and Mobile Devices Cameron Kiddle
CalendarApp QtOnAndroid and DesktopApp Qt… Christoph Hagemey
News from Inqlude, the Qt library archive Cornelius Schumacher
QML's many faces Kevin Krammer
What's new in QDateTime and QLocale John Layt
fullmo Kickdrive — Qt Quick in Industry Automation Oliver Heggelbacher & Frankie Simon
Qt Quick Enterprise Controls Jesn Bache Wiig
QML and HMTL5 Till Adam & Red Herring
Data Visualization in 3D Sami Makkonen
Remote Debugging With GammaRay Volker Krause
QtCreator for BareMetal development Tim Sander
Quick and physical adding simple mechanical interactions to your QML Vladimir Moolle
How to create a CoverFlow in QML Igor Grivko
Using QVariant printing capabilities for simple string formatting John Melas
Command line parsing in Qt David Faure
How do we write SQL queries in 2013 Andras Mantia
Facebook, Ads, In App Purchases and Analytics in mobile Apps Christian Feldbacher
The QML runtime Alan Alpert