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Code Migration & Modernization Workshops Leverage KDAB's expertise - Modernize your code base

Leverage KDAB's expertise - Modernize your code base

KDAB has a long and proven experience in code migrations. Our experts can provide you with recommendations of how to modernize your code base as well as making a fast and safe code migration for you.

An existing code base can be a great asset, but it can also be a liability. Technical debt tends to build up over time, eventually reaching the point where something needs to be done.

KDAB engineers can help you to:

  • switch from one operating system to a more modern or a more capable one
  • replace a user interface written in a legacy technology with a new one
  • strike the balance between safeguarding the current investments and to go for a new opportunity

KDAB has an extensive experience with code migration and modernization projects. During the years we have developed extensive tooling, gathered a lot of experience and helped our customers to:

  • converted millions of lines of code from legacy toolkits like Motif, MFC or Photon to Qt
  • converted even more code from Qt3 to Qt4 and Qt4 to Qt5
  • Windows to Mac
  • Unix to Windows
  • desktop to mobile platforms like Android and iOS

Based on this learning we can examine your migration challenge with you and create a plan to safely get you from where you are to where you need to be.

Since migrations usually only have to be performed once, it normally does not make economic sense for you to build up the expertise to do it yourself. Our experience, process and automation tools allow us to perform migrations very efficiently. So, if you want to consider partially or completely outsourcing the migration to us we can generate a quote based on the outcome of the workshop. If you do end up having the conversion performed by us, we will refund the cost of the workshop. 

We will point out risks, suggest workable incremental steps and run our automatic analysis tools over your code to assess how much effort a migration would be. 

Expected results of the code migration workshop:

  • analysis of the code migration risks and challenges inherent in your existing code base
  • draft, step-by-step project plan and timeline for your migration
  • estimation of the efforts involved
  • concrete list of code migration risks and trade-offs to discuss with management and stakeholders
  • assessment of training needs that might result from the migration

To find out more about our approach to migrations, read more about it here.

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