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KDAB’s Customers and Industries Automotive, Medical, Industrial Embedded, Data Visualization, 3D, Consumer Software…

The KDAB Group

Automotive, Medical, Industrial Embedded, Data Visualization, 3D, Consumer Software…

KDAB supports customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe. The majority of KDAB’s clients work in major international companies such as Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, Sigma³, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens. KDAB also supports growing companies like Unu and QiTissue that lead their market segments through innovation. Companies across multiple industries appreciate KDAB’s extraordinary software expertise. Please find some examples below:

In-Vehicle Automotive and In-Flight Infotainment Services

KDAB’s strong position with OEMs and Tier 1s in the Automotive industry enabled KDAB to create the Qt Automotive Suite 1.0 and Qt Automotive Suite 2.0 in collaboration with The Qt Company and Luxoft (Pelagicore). KDAB’s expertise in the development of touchscreens for IVI and navigation systems has also been used for Aircraft and Nautical Infotainment systems.


Case study: Lufthansa Technik Lufhansa Technik logo

»nice« is the industry standard in cabin management and in-flight entertainment developed by Lufthansa Technik with Qt and KDAB for VIP and business aircrafts. Their systems are designed for simplicity, convenience, and pleasure.

KDAB helped »nice« move from multiple native approaches to Qt and QML enabling them to develop their Red Dot Design Award winning in-cabin environment used by VIP, government and business jets like Bombardier.

The system features wireless media playback on all mobile devices, a unique touch dial, featuring business aviation’s first application of an OLED display, a personal control unit, a 7″ pop-up display delivering immersive video combined with full cabin control, a wireless system controller and a lot more.

Case study: unu KDAB helped unu to build a stylish, embedded high-resolution display for their second-generation electric scooter using Qt.KDAB created a navigation framework running on an industry standard Yocto-based platform. The dashboard of the scooter is built up with three separate device parts. The 3rd party map software was integrated with Qt Quick scene and the speedometer was implemented using OpenGL shaders to optimize the visual performance. The translation back-end code was customized without touching the UI-code to provide full flexibility for the copy writer.

“Working with the KDAB team has been amazing since they have a lot of experience in development and came on board real fast” Guilherme Müller, Director of embedded engineering, unu

Digital Content Creation, CAD/CAM/CAE, Games, Simulation, Modelling, 3D, Graphic Rendering

KDAB expertise in Qt 3D, OpenGL, OpenCL, WebGL, Shaders and Vulkan has helped many gaming and online companies to take their products to a new level, enabling them to create ultra-realistic 3D graphics, accelerated 2D UIs, HW accelerated compute etc. KDAB’s Qt consultants originated, lead and continue to shape Qt 3D as well as many other core areas of the Qt framework..
KDAB’s Kuesa 3D Studio Kuesa™ is a KDAB solution for 3D asset creation with an integrated and unified workflow. The KDAB group can help you exploit the power of multiple GPUs for non-graphical solutions, supported by nVidia, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Google, Vivante, Valve and many others.


Industrial Automation / Industrial Embedded / Embedded Development

KDAB has helped many customers in the automation and transport industry with the development of control panels, including UI components and complete client-server systems for controlling the HW.

KDAB Partners:

Toradex KDAB works closely with Toradex, a leading vendor of ARM based Computer on Modules(COM) / System on Modules(SOM). We use their products in our embedded training courses and help their Qt customers in all areas, particularly on the embedded Windows platforms..

Research and Development The KDAB group supports and researches development for multiple companies on small, low end / low cost, embedded devices. Example. Qt Quick without a GPU: i.MX6 ULL

Software for Electronics, Tablets, Smart Home, Digital Comms Platforms

When Blackberry adopted Qt on the BB10 platform, KDAB helped port and optimize Qt for tablets and smartphones.

Case Study: IPC – IQ/MAX. Multi-award winning secure communication device for trading

Initially KDAB helped IPC to switch to embedded Linux and Qt on their turrets. In the coming years KDAB supported IPC to modernize their software, moving from a button and display design to a responsive touch UI with animations on a high-resolution screen on low-end hardware. The work resulted in the creation of a multi-award winning Trading Floor Communication System.

A number of other industry-leading companies have also developed digital communications, smart homes, and in-company systems with the support of KDAB, including reduced memory usage and power consumption. Performance improvements at various layers.

Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Analytic Software, Biotech

In today’s world, analyzing as well as visualizing large amounts of data is increasingly important. Oracle had components for their ERP software engineered by KDAB. The German government uses a Groupware software solution we developed for thousands of users.Case study: Quantitative Imaging Systems (Qi) – Advanced Data Visualization

The KDAB group supports Quantitative Imaging Systems (Qi) in its efforts to revolutionize cancer research, paving the way for new treatments. The focus is to speed up and enable the rendering of huge amounts of data so Qi-Tissue can analyze images of biopsies from patients and label individual cells with over a hundred biomarkers.

“Working with KDAB has been fantastic. We get things done fast, efficiently and economically. Our collaboration with KDAB has allowed QI Tissue to get off the ground much faster than we could have done alone. We’ve built a fantastic interdisciplinary team, also in the field of computer science through our KDAB collaboration. So we were able to create novel solutions that were not available before, to help fight cancer and ultimately save lives”. Michel Nederlof, CTO of Quantitative Imaging Systems

SCADA, Science, Testing Tools, Tax Management – Code Migration from Legacy Toolkits

KDAB are proven experts, with many years experience, in migrating legacy code to Qt. Migrations include MFC to Qt and Motif to Qt, Qt3 to Qt 4 and Qt4 to Qt5, C++98 to C++11/14/17 as well as Photon or GF toolkits to Qt.Example: SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have been around since the 1950’s. In spite of their proven reliability, many of these systems have antiquated UIs. This situation is ripe for change. Now that everyone carries superior user interfaces in their mobile phone, users expect their SCADA human-machine interface (HMIs) to have a certain level of polish and sophistication. KDAB is experienced in implementing attractive SCADA HMIs for our customers using Qt, which we believe is the right tool to build the modern SCADA system.

Download Modernizing SCADA HMIs whitepaper
Amazon Lumberyard KDAB helped Amazon Lumberyard support the creation of a powerful and fully customizable game engine by migrating their old code base to a new modern Qt version that enables gaming developers to integrate with Twitch and AWS.
Case Study: Kurth Electronics – Porting Qt4 to Qt5 for a multi-tester of broadband technologies KDAB helped Kurth to modernize the software for their powerful all-in-one tester, the KE3700 Multitester, enabling it to work with all common types of broadband services, protocols, and transports. After KDAB’s support, which included porting from Qt4 to Qt5, Kurth Electronics has a solid software foundation for their full Multitester product line.
Kurth Electronics
Case Study: Meiller trucks Developing a modern Qt-based smartphone app for Apple or Android devices out of an aging application.KDAB helped Meiller modernize an ageing diagnostic app, developing a user-friendly Qt-based smartphone app with connectivity to truck diagnostic systems. The app is primarily icon-based, runs on either Apple or Android devices, and can be integrated directly into the truck’s infotainment system in the future. The app targets common trouble spots, helping drivers not only diagnose issues with the tipper but also to access crucial external information to allow trucks to reach their maximum utility. View the Success Story pdf…

Smart Farming / Agricultural Industry / Harvesting

The end user demands and expectations for multiple industries are very similar – Users today expect control panels in the factory, in a car, an aircraft or in a modern high-end tractor to act like the UI on their modern smart-phones. KDAB has a long experience in helping customers to manage such a modernization.Case study: Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI) – Creating a smart-phone like UI for the agricultural vehicles KDAB helped Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI) put intelligence into high-end agricultural machinery, helping them to stand out in the field of agritech innovation.

CCI needed a modern smartphone-like user interface with multi-touch that could display in either portrait or landscape and show at least two applications at the same time. KDAB designed the architecture for a Linux-based system using Qt in QML. It consisted of a complete software stack, including the operating system, middleware, and frameworks. As part of this effort, KDAB built a number of custom Qt controls and internal communication components to let CCI developers rapidly build specialized apps on top.

“We had to take into account special requirements for the agricultural business and decided to use qualified support for the framework in particular. We therefore turned to KDAB.



Real Time Operating Systems, High Reliability Systems, QNX Neutrino RTOS

QNX logoKDAB has been working closely with QNX and BlackBerry to bring Qt to their operating systems and products for several years.QNX. KDAB brought Qt 5 to the QNX platform and contributed heavily to the platform plugins for the QNX operating system. Some examples of contributions:

  • Qt widgets
  • QML integrations
  • deep OpenGL integration
  • powerful HTML5 support based on WebKit.

KDAB was the creator and maintainer of Qt for QNX Neutrino OS for many years. KDAB knows the powerful QNX software stack inside and out and has trained QNX staff on it. KDAB also created a dashboard for a yacht, based upon the QNX OS.

Medical Equipment, Intensive Care Units, UIs for Medical Care

All KDAB software services are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and KDAB is the only Qt consulting company that can provide ISO standard services for the medical and biotech industries. KDAB has a long history of association with medical device manufacturers, and extensive experience designing and developing UI components for computer-assisted surgical systems.We also provide a source code review service for code written by our client company’s developers.

Read more about KDAB in Medical…

ISO 90001 certificate

Windows Embedded / WinCE / Windows Embedded Compact

KKDAB’s Andreas Holzammer is the Qt Platform Maintainer for Windows CE and KDAB is the market leader in Qt on Windows Embedded platform. For more than 10 years, throughout the world, the KDAB group has supported software teams in building, maintaining, and modernizing Windows code across a plethora of innovative devices.Small footprint optimization and bug triage to complete software stacks and new UXs are amongst our specialities.

Windows Embedded

Qt on Android. Portable Devices. In-Vehicle Infotainment, In-flight Entertainment

KDAB’s Bogdan Vatra is the original author and current maintainer of the Qt for Android port. Nobody knows Qt for Android better than us. KDAB can help you boost the performance of your Android project by integrating C++, Qt, and 3rd party libraries and services.We have helped our customers make their daily development more productive, with tools and APIs, including customization beyond those that Google provide. We have also helped our customers create stunning UIs e.g. in 2D/3D traffic maps, 3D Gaming, portable devices for exploration and monitoring, as well as In-Vehicle Infotainment and In-flight Entertainment systems.

Find out about how KDAB can help you with your Android project…

Qt, C++ and 3D Training to multiple industries

KDAB has delivered 750+ Qt, C++, 3D, GIT and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) compliance courses to a multitude of industries.Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, QNX, Motorola, Ericsson and Siemens are examples of the many companies whose engineers have become more productive as a result of training with KDAB. KDAB trained Blackberry’s programmers in Qt development when the BB10 platform adopted the Qt framework.

Example of quotes from KDAB’s scheduled as well as tailored in-house trainings:

“The knowledge and presentation skills of the instructors is exceptional. The whole training was excellent. Shure Inc., Chicago, U.S.A.

“One of the best run and presented programming training courses I have participated in. The coverage of modern OpenGL techniques and API usage was comprehensive, and the examples and labs demonstrated how theory could be applied in practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the scientific computing and data visualization fields”. Ben Fletcher, Senior Software Engineer, Defence Science & Technology Organization (DSTO), Department of Defence, Australia

“Particularly helpful was the well balanced mixture of teaching theory and doing exercises. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and addressed all issues raised. I would recommend the Qt training to everyone interested in Qt and/or multi-platform programming”. Paul Norbert, Siemens AG, Germany

“The exercises were well designed for all levels of Qt programming experience providing additional challenges for more advanced users. The instructor had a good balance of real programming experience and training expertise. His energy and enthusiasm kept the course interesting and enjoyable.” Jennifer Patton, Software Engineer, Pelco, Fresno, U.S.A.

“We had a perfectly tailored training to learn modern C++ features and to understand all the things in detail. Now we are well prepared for future C++ projects and for using C++ more efficiently. Big thanks to our trainer (Marc Mutz) and his assistant (Sven Erdem) who answered all our questions immediately and in stunning depth. This was the most sophisticated and gripping training I’ve attended so far”. Jürgen Schneider, IGEL Technology GmbH, Germany

The Open Source Community, Full Stack and SDK Linux Development

Our founder Matthias Kalle Dalheimer has strong bonds with the open source community. Kalle is: KDE logo

  • the founder of KDAB the first Qt Consulting Company
  • author of the first Qt-book
  • one of the first KDE contributors
  • the president of KDE in 2002.
Windows Embedded

Matthias Kalle Dalheimer has enabled KDAB to be the leading independent contributor and driver of Qt contributions. KDAB employees are maintainers of Qt Core, Qt 3D, Qt Win extras, Qt x11 extras and more.

KDAB has a strong track record of employing developers with a history of positive engagements in the open source community, including participation in open source projects such as KDE, the FlightGear Flight Simulator.

Based on KDAB’s in-depth experience in working with open-source solutions. The KDAB group can act as an unbiased services provider, helping companies to understand licensing questions in order to develop products and solutions with Linux and other operating systems.