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Qi (Quantitive Imaging Systems) case study Solving Cancer with Qt 3D

Solving cancer is probably the biggest mystery that we see unravel in our life. This is a complex one because cancer is not a single disease, there are a myriad of aspects that need to be uncovered.

Qi (Quantitive Imaging Systems) images biopsies from patients and then labels individual cells with over a hundred biomarkers. This allows us to understand how tumor biology works so we can find druggable targets to stop tumors progressing and metastasizing.

Michel Nederlof, CTO of Quantitative Imaging Systems says:

Working with KDAB has been fantastic because they have excellent experts in many different fields and we can use them as needed for different parts of the project. We get things done fast and efficiently, economically. Our collaboration with KDAB has allowed QI Tissue to get off the ground much faster than we could have done alone.

We’ve built a fantastic interdisciplinary team, not only with pathologists and biomedical specialists but also in the field of computer science through our KDAB collaboration. So we were able to create novel solutions that were not available before, to help fight cancer and ultimately save lives.

View Michel Nederlof’s Qt World Summit 2017 keynote – Imaging Tissue Architecture: The Next Frontier in Battling Cancer

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