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nanoQuill The Coloring Book Of Life #color4cancer


Through their partnership, Qi and KDAB have developed imaging software to help researchers gain a deeper understanding of the progression of cancer on a cellular level, using Qt.

Qi, KDAB and Qt have now taken their collaboration one step further by introducing nanoQuill, otherwise known as “The Coloring Book of Life,” which is a crowdsourced coloring book and mobile app that gives anybody the opportunity to color cancer images to help annotate organelles inside those electron microscopy images. Qi is then able to take the crowdsourced annotations to measure a cell’s detail, render 3D images from the colored 2D images, and ultimately train new deep learning algorithms, all in the name of advancing cancer research.

With our user interface capabilities and KDAB’s unmatched technology expertise, Qi is able to advance its research without being impeded by technological restraints. Furthermore, with the nanoQuill coloring book project, Qi is able to leverage an entire global community to exponentially accelerate the world-changing contributions it’s making towards curing cancer.” —Michel Nederlof – CEO of Quantitative Imaging Systems

Just about everybody gets affected by cancer sooner or later, as a patient, a colleague, a relative, a caregiver, a neighbor, or a friend. Certainly, this applies to KDAB employees, too, which is why we partnered with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Quantitative Imaging (Qi) on several projects and we are very proud to be able to contribute, alongside with The Qt Company, to another great one — nanoQuill.

nanoQuill is a great opportunity for us to apply our world-class engineering skills in the area of Qt, 3D, OpenGL, C++, and platform-independent software development to an excellent cause. We are aware that many years of cancer research are still ahead of us before “cancer as we know it” can be considered a thing of the past, but with every colored image, we, you, and everybody who is contributing, advance that research a little bit.

Learn more and order your copy from nanoquill.

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