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Solutions for rich, resource efficient,
web integration
Create powerful results by mixing native and web technologies

The KDAB Group

Create powerful results by mixing native and web technologies

KDAB’s experience and deep knowledge of Qt, QML, C++ and web technologies can help you to create a development stack with a powerful and very resource efficient runtime for HTML 5 applications.

KDAB experts in web and native technologies can support you in:

  • Building safer, faster, and more stable web development stack
  • Making technology choices and choosing the implementation that best fits your project
  • Embedding HTML content in graphical applications
  • Developing Hybrid Apps, Combining C++ and QML hosted applications with HTML/JavaScript client
  • Mixing a UI built with Qt Widgets or Qt Quick with embedded HTML web pages
  • Qt Webkit and Qt Web Engine integration
  • Develop features you find to be missing

We are highly experienced in optimizing the development stack for given constraints when you and your team are surprised by a lower performance than expected. Our engineers have contributed to the development of PhantomJS, ExtJS and Webkit itself and created powerful results by mixing web and native technologies in many customer projects.

Qt WebChannel: bridging the gap between C++/QML and the web

The Qt WebChannel module provides a library for seamless integration of C++ and QML applications with HTML/JavaScript clients and any QObject can be published to remote clients, where its public API becomes available.

Read this KDAB blog from Milian Wolff with regard to bridging the gap between C++/QML on one side, and HTML/JavaScript on the other side.

Qt WebEngine:

We are up-to-date on the development of the Qt WebEngine including porting Qt WebKit to Qt WebEngine.

Qt WebEngine is the new Chromium-based web engine to replace Qt WebKit and it is planned to enable a better performance for accelerated web content as well as a more feature-rich web browsing.

Qt WebEngine is currently tested on reference devices such as:

  • Google Nexus 7 (Nvidia Tegra 3 – embedded Android)
  • BeagleBone Black (Texas Instruments AM335x) – embedded Android)
  • BeagleBone Black (Texas Instruments AM335x – embedded Linux)
  • Raspberry Pi model B (Broadcom BCM2835 – embedded Linux)
  • Boundary Devices SABRE Lite (Freescale i.MX 6 – embedded Linux)

Qt WebEngine is also running on desktop Linux and on Mac OS X.

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