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Qt on Windows Embedded CE
– Application and Feature Development
Work with the leaders for Qt on Windows Embedded / WinCE

Work with the leaders for Qt on Windows Embedded / WinCE

With KDAB’s broad Windows Embedded experience in a variety of application domains and across diverse hardware and software, we can help you make the right choices and avoid pitfalls. You can tap into our in-depth knowledge of both Qt and the embedded Windows platforms to help you get over roadblocks and execute your project efficiently.

At KDAB, we have been the primary contributor to the Qt on Windows CE and Embedded Compact platforms for years. As soon as Qt 5 was released, we brought it to these platforms and continued to ensure it works well. Since many of our customers rely on Qt on their embedded Windows platforms, we regularly keep Qt updated to support their current or legacy systems (even the venerable Windows CE 5), adding new features where they make sense.

In KDAB we can help you, with Qt on Windows CE & Windows Embedded Compact, by: Windows Embedded CE

  • creating custom-crafted solutions
  • configuring Qt to ensure only the needed parts are deployed, thus minimizing the memory and disk space footprint
  • tailoring Qt to your needs; packaged for your graphics hardware, SDK and application needs
  • targeting one or multiple platforms with your project
  • using excellent Qt support for OpenGL ES 2 to improve speed

Support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 in Qt 5.6

KDAB, as the maintainer of the Windows Embedded platform in Qt, is glad to announce that Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is now fully supported by Qt 5.6. In addition, we have contributed many fixes to support Windows Embedded 7 in Qt 5.6. Read more about support for Windows Embedded 7…

Qt 5.6 is the first long term support release of Qt: it will be supported for the next 3 years, giving developers a solid foundation for their current and upcoming projects.

KDAB supports you through the full project by

  • maintaining your project across version updates of Qt
  • implementing potentially needed changes to Qt and up-streaming them, ensuring no custom version has to be maintained long term
  • providing ongoing support for Qt and your project
  • getting you and your team up-to-speed through Qt Training

KDAB supports your choice of technologies across the full stack:

  • from hardware and driver selection to graphics acceleration
  • 2D or 3D aspects and animations
  • peripheral communication solutions to user interface technology
  • application infrastructure
  • integration of web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript

User Experience Design

We also offer user experience and graphics design help that integrates directly into the development process, avoiding expensive throw-away prototypes and inefficient communication round-trips between designers and developers.

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