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Testing and Refactoring Workshops Reduce technical depth - Refactor with KDAB's proven methods

Reduce technical depth - Refactor with KDAB's proven methods

KDAB’s testing and refactoring workshops help you improve testability as well as the quality of your code without breaking it. By testing and changing how the software is implemented; removing or changing external dependencies, improving slow or problematic code etc. we increase the performance and make the code base:

  • more robust
  • more idiomatic
  • more testable
  • faster

In KDAB we know by experience that refactoring of very large code bases requires care, experience and a systematic approach that ensures that the proposed changes do not introduce new risks or become a never-ending resource drain. Therefore we have developed strategies for how to improve the code base for the better, without breaking what is there.

To keep your project safe, we make sure the targets of the refactoring are well understood and can be verified. We also focus on making sure the effects and side-effects of the functionality under review can be reproducibly and ideally automatically tested.

Modules of a typical* refactoring workshop:

  • introduce your team to the do’s and don’ts of systematic and safe refactoring
  • clarify why the desired changes are necessary and align effort and business value
  • provide examples of real-world code and practise refactoring techniques
  • improve testability and provide strategies for how to improve test coverage over time
  • review your code base. Adjust un-idiomatic, slow or otherwise worrisome code, as time permits

*The workshop is tailored to your needs. Let us help you improve your code efficiently where it matters the most. Get in touch if you have any further questions, we’d be happy to explain in more detail what you can expect.

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