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Save Time with KDAB’s Qt Tools Boost your Qt development with our internal tools

The KDAB Group

Boost your Qt development with our internal tools

As software developers, we know what it is like to perform the same tasks over and over again. Based upon our internal tools and software modules we created and maintain powerful Qt tools to make you more efficient.

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GammaRay augments debuggers by understanding Qt implementation, it visualizes application behavior on a higher level, especially with complex frameworks like scene graphs, model/view or state machines. [...]

KD SOAP also provides the means to create web services without the need for any further component such as a dedicated web server. As part of our commitment to cross-platform solutions, KDAB offers developers KD SOAP, a web service access package for Qt applications. It makes it possible to interact with applications which have APIs […] [...]

KD Reports generates printable and exportable reports from code and from XML descriptions.  Reports may contain text paragraphs, tables, headlines, charts, headers and footers and more. Creating Reports out of Qt Applications Reporting is a very common task in almost all applications.  From the visualization of database contents in printouts to the creation of invoices […] [...]

KD Chart is the most powerful Qt component of its kind! Besides having all the standard features, it enables the developer to design and manage a large number of axes and provides sophisticated customization. KD Chart utilizes the Qt Model-View programming model and allows for re-use of existing data models to create charts. KD Chart […] [...]

KDDockWidgets is a framework for custom-tailored docking systems in Qt that offers many improvements and advantages over the existing QDockWidget. [...]