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About us.
KDAB the Qt, C++ and OpenGL Experts
The KDAB Group is a leading expert provider of Qt, C++ and OpenGL consulting, development and training services

The KDAB Group

The KDAB Group is a leading expert provider of Qt, C++ and OpenGL consulting, development and training services

Since 1999 KDAB’s unique software expertise has helped customers to improve quality, productivity and time to market across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. In 2019 the KDAB Group had 90+ employees across Americas, Europe and Asia. The main offices are in Germany, France, the UK, Houston, TX (USA) and Sweden. With thousands of customers, several on the fortune 500 list, we take great pride in making your project successful, on time and with high quality.

The majority of our customers are active within the Automotive, Biotech, Medical, Industrial Embedded, Entertainment, Government and Consumer Software industries.

We are used to bridging the commercial and open-source worlds. We can help you select the right Qt licensing option as well as discuss alternative approaches to technical challenges.

KDAB has shown a profitable and stable growth since its inception and now has 90+ employees.

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KDAB supports customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe in major international companies like Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, Sigma³, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens. [...]

Creating better software by helping our clients, globally, to shape their future through providing expert services and enabling individuals and companies to create better software. [...]

KDAB is proud to deliver quality and processes that meet or exceed the highest expectations. To support this continual improvement we have established a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2015. [...]

KDAB's expertise in Qt, C++ and OpenGL helps you develop functional, high-performing software. We can modernize your applications for embedded, mobile and desktop platforms like Windows, Windows Embedded, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, embedded Linux and QNX. [...]

We believe in doing business collaboratively and focusing on our core strength: unparalleled technical expertise in Qt, C++ and OpenGL. To assist our customers' success, we partner with companies who share our values and and commitment to excellence. [...]

KDAB peut aider via une formation, un accompagnement, le développement de parties ou l’ensemble du système. Nous pouvons aussi vous aider avec l’optimisation des ressources, et la migration d’application existantes vers Qt. [...]