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Software solutions for mobile devices
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Add a second - mobile - screen to your project

The KDAB Group

Add a second - mobile - screen to your project

KDAB will help you to create a mobile version of your application which can be run on different devices with different screen sizes. The mobile device can either run the full application, enabling mobile functionality, or have an UI optimized to work like a remote control. This gives the software a wider context of portability and high end implementation of a second screen for specific vertical markets.

Areas of KDAB expert services for second screen development:

  • The challenge of of new technologies and devices
    Delivering portable, beautiful, usable applications on mobile platforms is a challenge, with new technologies continually redefining end-user expectations. Through the power of Qt Quick, we can help deliver gorgeous applications with distinctive, professional animations and graphics, that handle different form-factors, screen resolutions and devices.
  • In-house and vertical-market iOS apps
    We’ve experience creating in-house and vertical-market iOS applications for limited or enterprise deployment, as well as consumer applications for submission to the App Store; we’ve helped our customers manage the initial acceptance process of getting applications through development, beta-testing, App Store approval and continual lifecycle updates, keeping abreast of the evolving landscape of best-practices and requirements from Apple
  • Going beyond Qt
    Sometimes it’s necessary to step beyond Qt – to integrate a third party library for mapping, image processing or more. We can advise on the potential pitfalls and probable paths to a simple process, saving huge amounts of time evaluating and investigation different options. In many areas we’ve already done similar integrations and can rapidly jump to advising on solutions that meet a particular applications’ needs.
  • Cutting edge iOS and Qt
    iOS is continually improving, as is Qt. At KDAB we drive innovation on the platform, supporting new Qt technologies such as Qt3D, rewriting Qt multimedia’s video rendering to improve integration with Qt Quick, and making numerous smaller changes in other areas. We’re ideally placed to deliver any enhancements to Qt your iOS application requires, whether it involves Bluetooth, OpenGL or any other technology.

KDAB has >10 years of mobile development experience – now focused on iOS and Android

Having previously supported the mobile development teams of both Nokia and Blackberry with feature and app development, today our mobile development centers around iOS and Android (which have a combined market share of over 85%…).

We specialize in enabling your application to run on a second screen, allowing you to target new markets and facilitating richer use cases for your project. In addition to driving the Qt on Android port, we also fix bugs and contribute to specific aspects of the Qt iOS port (e.g. better video rendering, tvOS support) to continuously ensure that our customers benefit from reliable implementations.

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