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Qt Developer Days 2012 View videos, slides and more

View videos, slides and more

From 2012 to 2014, KDAB had the honor and pleasure to organize the biggest Qt community event of the year, Qt Developer Days in Berlin. We are delighted to offer you the rich resources from those three years – videos, slides and more.


Title (click link for video) Abstract Presenter Slides Category
Welcome Kalle Dalheimer, KDAB
Accessible Apllications with Qt In modern times Accessibility has become an important factor when developing an application. The accessibility frameworks allow an alternative representation of… Frederik Gladhorn, Digia Slides No category
Accessing middleware form Qt,QML or HTML5 In most industry applications in the embedded area user interfaces need to access custom middleware. Often different teams implement the middleware functionality and the user interfaces. Dr. Eva Brucherseifer, Basyskom Slides Middlewere
Blackberry 10 Cascades UI Framework: A Different Take In 2011 the Qt Project was established to drive the future development of the project: a true Open Source project with an open governance model. Markus Landin, RIM Slides BlackBerry 10
CMake with Qt One of the cornerstones of Qt is a system of communication between instances of objects in a many-to-many relationship. The signals and slots system is familiar. Stephen Kelly, KDAB Slides Tools
Connecting your BlackBerry 10 app to the network Qt is the backend of choice for BlackBerry 10 apps. This talk will assume you know how to build fancy UIs with Cascades or with pure Qt, and will focus on how… Peter Hartmann, RIM Slides BlackBerry 10
Creating Mac GUIs with Qt Explain some of the tricks, tools and potential techniques to turn generic GUIs into ones that feel Mac native. Avoid Mac users complaining that your application ‘feels wrong’. James Turner, KDAB Slides In-depth
Creating Windows Compisitors with the QtWayland module The window management system for embedded platforms (QWS) has been removed in Qt 5 and its functionality replaced by the QtWayland module. Andy Nichols, Digia Slides Middleware
Creator 101 Qt Creator is a powerful, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE), tailored to Qt development in C++ as well as QML. Tobias Hunger Slides Tools
Debugging multithreaded Qt programs Writing multithreaded code is easy… to get wrong. This presentation will show some of the common pitfalls in multithreaded programs written with Qt. David Faure, KDAB Slides Tools
Desktop Components for QtQuick Qt Quick enables rapid development of fluid UI’s. This presentation introduces you to the ongoing work on a set of desktop components being developed for Qt Quick. Jens Bache-Wiig, Digia Slides QML
Developing with Qt for the BlackBerry 10 Qt on the BlackBerry 10 platform was a topic of a keynote by RIM at the last Qt Developer Days 2011. Quite some time had passed since then and quite some work has been done too.. Vladimir Mineko, RIM Slides BlackBerry 10
Domain Specific Debugging Tools Using (or creating) more and more abstract frameworks allows us to implement complex tasks quickly and efficiently. However, debugging code using such frameworks with conventional instruction-level debuggers can be cumbersome, making it easy to get lost in implementation details of the framework. Domain specific debugging tools. Volker Krause, KDAB Slides Domain Specific Debugging Tools
Effective QML: Best practices for DEveloping with Qt Quick Abstract: This talk will discuss various topics in the area of Qt and Qt Quick, including QML, for readers who want to do rapid GUI development on devices with touchscreens as also desktops. Adenilson Calvacanti, ICS Slides Slides2 QML
How Qt Helped RIM Build BlackBerry 10 Qt is the foundation for native development in C++ on BlackBerry 10. Come learn about RIM’s new mobile operating system and how Qt was integrated. We’ll discuss what was borrowed. Jeff Kehres Slides BlackBerry 10
In Depth – QMetaType and QMetaObject One of the cornerstones of Qt is a system of communication between instances of objects in a many-to-many relationship. The signals and slots system is familiar to us. Stephen Kelly, KDAB Slides In-depth
Innovating in Automotive infotainment with QtQuick Increasingly, the automotive industry is adapting Open Source software and tools when developing In-Vehicle Infotainment systems. The disruptive addition of Open Source… Johan Thelin, Pelagicore Slides In-use
Intentions good, warranty void: Using Qt in unexpected ways Qt comes with many powerful frameworks, implementations of patterns, best practices and API paradigms. Often, these fit the needs the users very well, but sometimes it is valuable. Till Adams – Mirko Boehm, KDAB/Agile Workers Slides In-depth
Making the correct license choice when developing with Qt This legal presentation focuses on the main differences between different licensing models that are currently available for Qt users. Commercial license takes into consideration. Topi Ruotsalainen, Legal Counsel – Digia, Qt Slides In-use
Modern Shader-based OpelGL Techniques Modern OpenGL abandons the old fixed-function pipeline in exchange for a programmable pipeline using shaders and buffer objects. This offers much more flexibility to developers. Dr. Sean Harmer, KDAB Slides 3D
OpenGL with Qt 5 Qt5 introduces better support for OpenGL from the QPA/Lighthouse abstraction, through a new set of OpenGL classes up to QtQuick 2 and Qt3D. OpenGL is also very often used for games and… Dr. Sean Harmer, KDAB Slides 3D
The Future of Qt Panel discussion
Porting an existing Qt Windows App to Mac This presentation will show our experiences we made while porting an already existing Qt based application from Windows to Mac OSX. How hard can it be to get an application… Sven Bergne Slides In-use
Porting Qt 5 to embedded hardware This presentation gives a brief overview of all the required steps needed to get Qt5 running on embedded hardware. The focus will be on embedded Linux, but… Thomas Senyk, Pelagicore No slides Embedded
QML Coding, Performance and Debugging: Usage of Tools With Qt5, QtQuick is the preferred way to create modern looking, fluid interfaces and applications. Although QtQuick is quite easy to use, it suffers from the Pareto syndrome. Aurindam Jana, Digia Slides QML
Qt 5 Roadmap Many things have changed for Qt over the last year. The Qt Project got launched around a year ago, leading to a rather different way how Qt got developed.> Lars Knoll, Digia Slides Keynote
Qt addons for everyone: KDE Frameworks 5 The upcoming KDE Frameworks 5 will make code from the KDE libraries available to all Qt developers. Some functionality has moved to Qt 5, the rest will be available as… David Faure, KDAB Slides Middleware
Qt and Cloud Services This presentation will outline the different types of Cloud services and possibilities of using Cloud resources from the perspective of Qt application. Sami Makkonenk, Digia Slides Network/cloud
Qt and the Google APIs This presentation will discuss the Qt interface to the Google APIs that has been developed by ICS. Roland Krause, ICS Slides Network/cloud
Qt and the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Platform Set to launch in calendar Q12013, BlackBerry 10 is a brand new mobile computing platform which will power not just RIM’s next-generation of smartphones and tablets. Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, QNX Software Systems Limited No slides Keynote
Qt and WebServices Interfacing with WebServices is becoming a mainstream part of development: searching for information on AWS, linking to a streaming music service, checking the weather, tweeting, integrating with facebook. Dr. Tim Dewhirs, KDAB Slides Network/cloud
QtCore in Depth The goal of this presentation is to familiarize Qt developers with the inner workings of the Qt core library. It will go over the internals and implementation of the containers. Olivier Goffart, Woboq Slides In-depth
Qt on Raspberry Pi This presentation introduces the Raspberry Pi, a low cost computing platform. It discusses how it can be used as a development platform for Qt and describes the current status of Qt 4 and Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi. Jeff Tranter, ICS Slides Embedded
QtQuick under the hood Many developers know how to use QtQuick, but not how it works internally. This talk sheds some light on the inner workings of QtQuick. Thomas McGuire, KDAB Slides QML
Qt Surprisesi Strange things you never knew about Qt. Anecdotes and an archeological dive into random pieces of Qt source code. Eirik Chambe-Eng Slides Keynote
Serving QML applications over the network Qt Quick’s support for network transparency makes it possible to serve an application’s user interface and logic over the network. This allows application developers to adopt

Jeremy Laine, Wifirst Slides Network/cloud
SoDeclarative To quickly build interactive 3D applications with QML, we recently developed “SoDeclarative”, a declarative wrapper for the OpenInventor 3d scene graph, which provides an intuitive… Helmut Sedding and Michael T. Wagner Slides QML
The middleware problem: a tale of abstraction Qt has a long history of successes and failures when dealing with middleware, with notable examples such as Phonon, QtMultimedia, QtMobility and more.

Dario Freddi, Ispirata and KDE Slides Middleware
The project that brings you Qt In 2011 the Qt Project was established to drive the future development of the project: a true Open Source project with an open governance model. Thiago Macieira, Intel Slides Communityy
The Qt partnership program As the new owner of Qt, Digia would like to work with the eco system to serve the users of Qt and grow the Qt community. Taking over the baton from Nokia…

Kristen Tveter, Digia Slides Other
Using C++11 to speed up your Qt 5 programs Qt 5 comes with much-improved support for C++11. This talk will teach you techniques that you can use to make your applications use less memory or execute faster when compiled with… Marc Mutz, KDAB Slides In-depth
Using Qt as mobile cross-platform system With Qt now being available for Symbian, Android and BB10, it is possible to reach a very large audience with comparatively little effort. This talk shows the why and how. Tam Hanna Slides Embedded
Using SSL the right way with Qti Qt provides support for TLS/SSL out of the box with QSslSocket and support for HTTPS in QNetworkAccessManager. Unfortunately, SSL is a complex topic and whilst Qt is able to hide… Richard J. Moore, KDE Slides Network/cloud
What’s New in QtWebKit in 5.0 The web platform continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Following the “Content is King” philosophy, WebKit excels at both presenting and interacting with web content. Simon Hausmann, Digia Slides Network/cloud
Why you should be excited by Qt 5 You’ve heard that Qt 5 is coming out and you still remember the work necessary to move from Qt 3 to 4, only too recently. You hear good things about Qt 5, but you’re not sure why you should care? Thiago Macieira, Intel Slides Middleware
The Future of Qt on Embedded Linux For well over 10 years, Qt has been used in many types of embedded devices, ranging from high-end medical systems, through mobile phones and smartphones, all the way to… Lars Knoll, Digia Slides Embedded
QML for desktop apps QML brought forward the declarative design of interactive graphical applications. Still, the use of QML on the desktop is marginal. We believe this is caused by the hurdles… Michael Wagner and Helmut Sedding Slides QML

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