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Qt Desktop Days 7-11 September KDAB hosted online event

We are happy to let you know that the very first edition of Qt Desktop Days 2020 was a great success! Having pulled together the event at very short notice, we were delighted at the enthusiastic response from contributors and attendees alike.

Over 500 registered attendees could enjoy five days of technical talks. The program shows the range and depth of offerings that kept people coming back.


We started off the event week with an introduction from Kalle Dalheimer, KDAB’s CEO, followed by a Keynote on Qt 6 for the desktop from Giuseppe D’Angelo, an Approver of the Qt Project and a software engineer at KDAB. You can see this session already on our KDAB TV channel, here.

After that, there was a series of varied topics that roughly fit into three tracks: QML, Testing and Widgets.

A lot of attention was given to QML, ranging from how you migrate from widgets to QML, to showcasing QML or showcasing part of the QML design framework. There were two very interesting presentations about testing: one on behavior-driven testing and another on code coverage and how you drive your testing effort there, presented by our long time partner froglogic. We were introduced to KDDockWidgets, an advanced docking framework and a presentation from Bluescape showing how to add touch and pen input to an application.

Two standalone sessions that come to mind were a fascinating account of the history of Qt and VLC (you likely know it best as Youtube) and a very interesting session from Microsoft presenting their Windows Subsystem for Linux, which included information on the new Windows insider program. More on all of that in the upcoming recordings…

The whole show ended with a Q&A session, where the audience could ask questions to a number of people on anything relating to Qt. Lots of very good and interesting questions, both for where we are today and what’s going to be in the future.

Talk Recordings

For those of you who missed the presentations this year – Stay tuned! We did record them all and will put them on YouTube as soon as we’re done with the post-production. You can already enjoy some of them.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you’ll be the first to know when more videos are out!

A big thank you to everyone involved. We really couldn’t have done it without you. Hope to see you all at Qt Desktop Days 2021!


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