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Boost Your Project Let KDAB's expertise become your advantage

The KDAB Group

Let KDAB's expertise become your advantage

Our software experts have supported hundreds of desktop, embedded and mobile software projects. We have a proven expertise in modernizing code and UIs as well as systematically bringing legacy toolkits to Qt.

By bringing in the KDAB experts or by outsourcing the development of a full software project to us at KDAB, you will benefit from normally a faster and higher quality software development than you are used to. KDAB’s unique experience will help your software project to meet ambitious deadlines as well as to include innovative features.

You can also use us for having access to continuous support and expert advices. We can help you with all aspects of your software, so you can stand out in the market and look good to management.

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KDAB can help you bring your project up-to-date with a modern look. We can support you with your development project from the evaluation and definition of updates until the final implementation. Our experts [...]

Bring legacy GUI toolkits such as Qt 3, Qt 4, Motif, Java, Tcl, GTK, .NET, MFC, and Photon to Qt 5. KDAB’s proven porting expertise with code migrations saves you time and guards you from unexpected surprises. [...]

We host a rich array of both Showcase and Presentation Videos featuring cutting edge demos, techniques and tools developed from the wide diversity of challenges our developers have solved. [...]

KDAB’s mentoring and support services is about helping your project or team on an on-going basis with small or complicated challenges that you do not have the time or skills to solve yourself. You get the benefit of our expertise and [...]

Many of KDAB’s customers use OpenGL and OpenGL ES to achieve visually stunning, high performance graphics and user interfaces. Even if you aren’t using OpenGL directly, components of your application, including HTML engines, mapping & navigation systems, [...]

KDAB has broad, deep experience delivering cost-effective, long-term, pragmatic solutions that modernise existing C++ codebases without losing functionality during the process. [...]

In KDAB we regard UX and UI design as an integral part of our software process. Our in-house design team helps you design interactive prototypes, wireframes and mock-ups to create modern and pixel perfect UIs. [...]