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Software solutions for Unix / X11 (Motif) KDAB helps you to get a modern look and feel on your application

KDAB helps you to get a modern look and feel on your application

With our unique cross-platform expertise, KDAB can help you visualize large amounts of data in more efficient and stunning ways than ever. We are known for our skills in modernizing applications for many different industries, and have a track record in migrating big projects written in Motif to Qt.

KDABs services for Unix/X11:

  • Visualize big data with 3D and OpenGL
  • Modernize “historic” code bases
  • Migrations from Motif and others to Qt
  • Scientific computing, visualize huge amounts of data
  • Integrate Qt / make use of numerical and science libraries
  • Modernize build systems, including continuous integration and automated testing
  • Porting to Linux
  • Improve the performance through profiling and debugging.
    We know which tools tend to work as well as how to turn the profiling results into action.
  • Decision making.
    Do you have an old code base with lot of technical debt? We can help you with the following: architecture, maintenance or up-grading – whether to optimize, re-write or migrate your application.

KDAB has >15 years of track record of Unix/X11 development

Since the late 1990’s, when KDAB was founded, we have on a continuous basis supported scientific, flight control systems, bank & finance, and oil and gas projects that were initiated many years ago and are in urgent need of modernization. By having experienced developers, with a long track record of Unix/X11 and Motif projects, we have a unique competence in updating applications with legacy code bases.

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