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Platform Services for Applications and Devices KDAB offer unique expert services for desktop, embedded, mobile and real-time operating systems

The KDAB Group

KDAB offer unique expert services for desktop, embedded, mobile and real-time operating systems

KDAB expertise covers analysis, experimentation and systematic validation of assumptions with regard to platforms, chipsets and memory needs for a device and/or a full range of devices or a specific application.

We support you on multiple platforms with regard to architectural approach and UI strategy as well as implementation of development tooling, test infrastructure, deployment model and runtime execution engine. Our platform services normally includes:

  • development of application business logic
  • touch screen UI development
  • Performance optimizations (graphics, memory, storage, start-up speed)
  • mixing native and web, integrations of HTML5 runtimes, JavaScript…

If you find a feature to be missing, or the performance of your development stack is lower than expected, we dig deep to achieve the optimal result under given constraints.

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KDAB can help you to boost the performance of your Android project by integrating C++, Qt, 3rd party libraries and services. We have a long experience in “supplementing” Android development for making your daily development more productive as well as for getting stunning UIs on 2D/3D traffic maps, 3D Gaming, portable devices for exploration or […] [...]

KDAB can support you with architecture, design, development, debugging and optimization of your entire system. KDAB experts are experienced in identifying and fixing inefficiencies that can be found at any level of the stack. We can act fast, to give you extra bandwidth so you can cut your time to market. We are often tasked […] [...]

Many of KDAB’s customers use OpenGL and OpenGL ES to achieve visually stunning, high performance graphics and user interfaces. Even if you aren’t using OpenGL directly, components of your application, including HTML engines, mapping & navigation systems, [...]

KDAB supports customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe in major international companies like Shell, IBM, Boeing, Schlumberger, Accenture, EADS, Sigma³, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens. [...]

KDAB’s experts help you to improve performance of the whole stack. Some of our normal tasks are achieving more frames per second, faster boot-up time, improved usage of CPU(s), memory and/or the battery. [...]