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KDAB provides OpenGL® expert services KDAB consults, develops and provides trainings in Modern OpenGL

KDAB consults, develops and provides trainings in Modern OpenGL

Many of KDAB’s customers use OpenGL and OpenGL ES to achieve visually stunning, high performance graphics and user interfaces. Even if you aren’t using OpenGL directly, components of your application, including HTML engines, mapping & navigation systems, rich 3D content providers, media libraries and more, can all be using OpenGL under the hood.

KDAB has invested significant effort in pushing the boundaries of Qt and OpenGL. KDAB maintains much of the OpenGL integration within Qt 5 and is the main contributor to the Qt 3D framework.

How can we in KDAB help you with OpenGL?

James went above and beyond our expectations and we really appreciate all the help.

Armin Samii, 3D Tools Lead, Avametric, San Francisco, CA

  • Performance optimisation. We identify and fix bottlenecks in one of several areas such as fragment processing workload, bandwidth capacity, CPU utilisation or blocking calls in a timely manner.
  • Debugging rendering issues and developing techniques and shaders. We know, by experience, that debugging the intricacies of high performance modern 3D engines and shaders to achieve the desired appearance can be difficult.
  • Configuring and deploying OpenGL on a wide range of embedded systems. We are used to work with different vendors, and configuring Qt to work with such systems on X11 and Wayland.
  • Workshops to share best practises, debugging, profiling and solving all manner of OpenGL related issues.
  • Integrating OpenGL into applications and libraries. We have experience of doing this for cross-platform and high performance requirements with easy to use, high quality APIs.
  • Development of rendering frameworks, techniques and shaders for special use cases.
  • Advice on hardware selection for new products.

KDAB’s experts have successfully completed many kinds of projects involving OpenGL:

We have experience from multiple projects with the entire pipeline from content creation, asset conditioning, application start up, and runtime tasks for the CPU and GPU. Integrating and obtaining the very best performance in such cases, requires in depth expertise and insight into the intricacies of OpenGL and its interactions with the rest of your system.

Let us help you solve the trickiest problems so you can get back to delivering your projects. We are used to tackle specific use cases for stylized rendering effects, specific high performance algorithms for high volumes of data or data updates, realistic Physics Based Rendering (PBR) as used in many AAA game titles, or any of a number of other requirements.

Learn OpenGL

If you or your team needs to know OpenGL in order to meet your goals, then KDAB offers a set of professional trainings in OpenGL and related topics. Allow our world-class trainers to take you from graphics novice to guru. KDAB offers on-site and scheduled OpenGL training courses.

Contact us to find out more about our services.