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Success Stories Some examples of how we have helped our clients

Some examples of how we have helped our clients

NVIDIA Incorporates KDDockWidgets into their NSight Suite of Developer Tools

In 2021, NVIDIA incorporated KDAB’s KDDockWidgets into their software toolkit, built with Qt, thus giving a number of related developer tools, including Nsight GraphicsTM and Nsight Deep Learning DesignerTM, a powerful set of window management capabilities and a consistent look and feel. This builds on NVIDIA’s aim to provide a common foundation across the toolset and for a wide variety of tool combinations to suit customer’s needs.

At KDAB, we were curious to know how it went so we talked to Daniel Price, Engineering Manager for the NVIDIA Nsight Graphics tool.

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Braumeister – KDAB helps generations old manufacturer turn into product innovator

Everybody loves beer – as does Stefan Speidel. As the grandson of the founder of Speidel Tank- und Behälterbau, a successful container tank manufacturer, he had a vision to use his company’s expertise to build home brewing kits. Stefan’s vision has translated into a hugely successful new part of the business, thanks in part to KDAB’s assistance in modernizing the homebrew making appliance’s software as well as the company’s entire software development and release process.

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unu – KDAB automotive-grade software expertise powers connected scooter

unu wanted their next scooter to be fully connected. The founders knew that they weren’t experts in all domains and would need help in some key areas. In order to design and develop their next scooter with a fully digital experience, they reached out to KDAB.

“They were able to get onboard extremely fast and provide us with working prototypes almost from day zero. That was also very helpful during development when we had to scale our resource demands by adding KDAB engineers, who were productive within a day or two.” says Guilherme Müller, unu’s director of embedded engineering.

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CCI – KDAB helps cooperative stand out in the field of agritech innovation

User-friendly interfaces make complex farm machinery easier to use. Smart farming is an important development in the agricultural industry that emphasizes the use of technology.

CCI had an existing product that was difficult to adapt to new requirements and difficult to use. “We had to take into account special requirements for the agricultural business and decided to use qualified support for the framework in particular,” explains Frank Meyering, Managing Director of CCI. “We therefore turned to KDAB.”

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MEILLER – trucks get an upgrade with innovative diagnostic app

KDAB designers and developers team up to help construction giant innovate.

Tipper trucks (or dump trucks) provide critical assistance to industries as varied as building and road construction, mining, and recycling and waste management. In fact, more than 95% of all worldwide professional construction companies have at least one in their fleet. But even an industry that’s over 160 years old faces the same challenges to improve and perform like any other.

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Kurth Electronic – KDAB helps keep telecommunications pioneer at its pinnacle.

KDAB helped Kurth upgrade the software for their powerful all-in-one tester, the KE3700 Multitester, so that it can work with all common types of broadband services, protocols, and transports. Kurth Electronics now has a solid software foundation for their Multitester product line. Enabled by improvements from KDAB, Kurth can continue to stay ahead of their competition and make technicians more productive.

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