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Software solutions for Linux
– Full Stack and SDK development
We get the full stack to work and reduce your time to market

The KDAB Group

We get the full stack to work and reduce your time to market

KDAB can support you with architecture, design, development, debugging and optimization of your entire system.

KDAB experts are experienced in identifying and fixing inefficiencies that can be found at any level of the stack. We can act fast, to give you extra bandwidth so you can cut your time to market. We are often tasked to detect unpredictable interactions, enable ambitious startup times and/or permanent smooth 60fps rendering or to design and implement suitable software layers for enabling hardware access in your application.

KDABs Consulting, Development and Architect Services for Linux:

Full Stack Performance Analysis and Fixing

  • Full system analysis using state-of-the art tools, such as Linux perf. We fix inefficiencies wherever we find them.
  • Optimize “time to first frame” for applications for devices / screens that require a very fast start up time.
  • Build and extend profiling tools where existing solutions are insufficient or not available on a given target (e.g. heaptrack).
  • Debugging/profiling training.

Graphics Stack Integration

  • Evaluate an embedded graphic stack for your use-case.
  • Adapt Qt to a not yet supported embedded graphics stack.
  • Fix/optimize Qt’s interaction with embedded graphic stacks.
  • Consult on and implement Wayland-based multi-process software architectures.
  • Integrate SoC-specific graphic stack features such as multiple hardware layers into your system/application.
  • Effectively use OpenGL

Full Stack and SDK building

  • Build reproducible system images with full automation and total traceability.
  • Enable the same development environment to avoid integration issues.
  • Consult on development processes and tools.
  • Build custom SDKs.
  • Create embedded products that runs on different hardware architectures
  • Setup and implement Yocto-based systems.

Hardware Integration

  • Integrate your application with industrial buses or sensor systems.
  • Design and implement suitable software layers to enable hardware access to your application.
  • Integrate your application with communication systems such as Bluetooth, Wifi…

Efficient Web Integration

  • Build a safer, faster and more stable web development stack
  • Embed HTML content in graphical applications
  • Develop Hybrid Apps
  • Learn more about KDAB web development

Open Source Support – Process Support. Kick-start Linux Development

  • KDAB has a strong open source heritage and knowledge with many open source technologies. We know about how to mix open source code with commercial projects as well as how to migrate from commercial projects. We are happy to work with you to introduce you to open source, including setting up new development processes and tools.

We ensure you quality and offers you unique capabilities in building platforms, from scratch to success – from architecture and hardware integration to to a full comprehensive system that run on one or multiple embedded / mobile platforms

Contact us

KDAB expert have supported embedded and desktop customers since 1999. The software architecture of a complex system is where fundamental mistakes easily can be made. Diligent groundwork, to get it right from start, often proves a significant factor in creating better software. [...]

KDAB’s experts help you to improve performance of the whole stack. Some of our normal tasks are achieving more frames per second, faster boot-up time, improved usage of CPU(s), memory and/or the battery. [...]

In KDAB we have developed strategies for making your code base more robust and faster. Our workshops help you improve your software’s testability and the speed, quality and resilience of your code. [...]

We host a rich array of both Showcase and Presentation Videos featuring cutting edge demos, techniques and tools developed from the wide diversity of challenges our developers have solved. [...]

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