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Mission, Vision and Core Values

KDAB’s Mission:

“Creating better software” by helping our clients, globally, to shape their future through providing expert services that

  • reduce software complexity
  • improve project predictability
  • innovate software processes, design as well as development
  • enable developers and project managers to be more productive
  • develop and contribute tools and code that make software developers’ daily lives easier
  • challenge conventional wisdom and processes and bring pragmatic ideas to the table

KDAB’s Vision:

To become a recognized and admired company by software developers across the world for our technical excellence and ability to enable individuals and companies to create better software

KDAB’s Core Values:

Fast Quality Client Services

  • Understand, meet and/or exceed client expectations at all times
  • Deliver projects faster with functional and high-performing software
  • Be unbureaucratic, straightforward, and easy to work with
  • Meet deadlines through speedy start-to-end execution

Make a Difference

  • For clients, development communities and KDAB
  • Foster activities and procedures that nurture the creation of better software


  • Always act in an honest, transparent and respectful way
  • Uphold principles of good business practice, regulations and national government laws

Great People

  • We are committed to hire and nurture talent with great software skills who are easy and fun to collaborate with
  • We value practical ability and experience as much as academic credentials
  • We welcome diversity with regard to ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability and/or sexual orientation

Continuous Learning

  • We are continuously changing and adapting to technical developments
  • We share our learning in a timely and meaningful way
  • We welcome change and try to be at the forefront

Work, Life Balance

  • We work hard with a wide variety of software challenges and recognize that fun and time for a life outside the job should always be possible.

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