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Meet KDAB at Embedded World 2024 – Hall 4-302 April 9-11th, Nürnberg, Germany

For the 14th time, KDAB will be exhibiting at Embedded World – The meeting place for the global embedded community! Here, you can expect three days of pioneering technologies, solutions, new ideas, and intelligent concepts.

Embedded World takes place in Nürnberg, Germany from 9 – 11 April 2024 and you will find the KDAB booth in Hall 4-302 showcasing outstanding demos featuring Qt, C++, 3D, Slint, Rust, and Flutter.

Use the code ew24518375 and get your free ticket!

Here are the demos that you will find at our booth, including an interstellar navigation interface built with Flutter…

Augmenting 3D Support for Machine Control

Interactive 3D rendering using Qt3D

KDAB helped iDig, a provider of excavator machine controls, implement 3D-related work: loading CAD files, mesh data structures and algorithms, and rendering.

  • Embedded software for the control of machinery
  • Integrate design models and field data
  • Highly configurable user interface
  • Embedded Linux system, C++ & Qt application

KDAB Demos Built with Qt

Developing Next Generation UI for an EV Charger

High-quality touch-based interface based on Slint

KDAB and tQCS used Slint, a UI toolkit built with Rust, to overhaul the user interface of SK Signet’s flagship Electric Vehicle charger.

  • 15-inch and 32-inch variants with dynamic dark/light mode
  • Video playback with FFmpeg and networking with Curl
  • Windows 10 IoT embedded hardware

Modernizing an Embedded Charge Amplifier UI with Qt

Multi Value Measurements device brought to market readiness

Starting from a legacy codebase, KDAB implemented a multi-measurement channel architecture, extended the UI, and improved stability and performance to reach production quality. The device helps with verification and quality control processes with sensitive measurements in cramped spaces.

  • Graphing and Result-Visualization of a High-Precision Measurement Process
  • User Interface built with Qt and QML
  • Maintaining 2 Product Variants in 1 Software Solution
  • Texas Instruments AM335x Sitara, 1 x 1Ghz, with GPU

KDAB Demos Built with Qt

CXX-Qt – Safe Rust Bindings for Qt

Integration for C++ and Rust applications

KDAB supports and maintains CXX-Qt. A set of Rust crates for creating bidirectional Rust ⇄ C++ bindings with Qt. It can be used to integrate Rust into C++ applications using CMake or used to build Rust applications with Cargo.

  • Enables Rust and C++ ecosystems to be used in the same application
  • Allows for idiomatic Rust and C++ code
  • Integrates easily into existing applications

KDAB Demos Built with Qt

3D Embedded Interstellar Navigation Interface

Flutter on embedded hardware using flutter-pi and CAN-Bus Integration

To demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter on embedded we developed an interstellar navigation interface.

  • Smooth 3D components, running at 60fps
  • Physical buttons connected via CAN-Bus (CANopen)
  • Flutter Embedder: flutter-pi
  • Image built with Yocto and meta-flutter
  • Hardware: Toradex Verdin AM62, 4x Cortex-A53, 2GB RAM, PowerVR AXE-1-16M GPU

Developer Tools for Qt, C++, and Linux

A selection of useful developer tools for debugging and profiling

GammaRay: Remote Embedded Introspection

Using GammaRay, we introspect a Qt-based game at runtime on the SteamDeck (which is powered by KDE Plasma).

  • Inspection of a Qt-based SteamDeck game
  • Full remote Qt introspection capabilities
  • Visual forwarding and remote control
  • Injection without recompilation of target software

Further, there are also HotspotHeaptrack, and Clazy, which are all useful helpers to make your code more performant.

Last but not least, if you need an advanced docking solution for Qt applications, have a look at the KDDockWidgets demo.

  • KD DockWidgets: KDAB’s Dock Widget Framework for Qt
  • Clazy Static Code Analyzer: LLVM/Clang-based static analyzer for Qt
  • Hotspot Profiler: GUI for Linux Perf to analyze profiling data
  • Heaptrack: Heap memory profiler and analysis GUI for Linux

KDAB Demos Built with Qt

Getting Started with Customized Embedded Linux

Free four-part guide for Designing your first Embedded Linux device

Embedded Linux is widely used on embedded devices. Still, it is not trivial to implement. We have created a comprehensive guide, starting from framing the development process, via choosing the software stack and the hardware to setting up your development environment. Talk to our experts at the booth!

Brochures, Whitepapers & Articles

In the booth, you will find a digital brochure kiosk with access to all KDAB brochures, whitepapers, and articles. Here, you easily scan the material you are interested in with your phone or grab a physical copy of our selection.

Whether you like to dive into our multi-part series “Best Practices for Embedded Development” or “Building Hybrid Rust and C/C++ Applications”? KDAB got you covered.

Get your free ticket!

We invite you to visit Embedded World free of charge with our voucher code ew24518375. We hope to see you there!

kdab at embedded world 2024

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