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Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform support for Qt 5

At KDAB, we believe that Qt’s Open Governance model is a great way to ensure Qt will continue to thrive and be sustainably developed and maintained without relying on any individual stakeholder, no matter how committed. This model can only work if all those who have a strong commitment to Qt do their part and contribute to its continued success. When it does work, it provides the opportunity for more particular interests and platforms to be supported and catered to.

As part of KDAB’s contribution we have been working in recent months to ensure that the Windows CE platforms improve and continue to be supported. Several of our customers have an interest in those platforms and would like to see continued support for them in Qt. Past projects have allowed us to build up extensive expertise with Qt on Windows CE. That is why we have made sure that Windows Embedded Compact 7, an entirely new platform for Qt, will be supported by Qt 5.

In order to make this possible, KDAB’s embedded Windows team has created a QPA/Lighthouse plugin for EC7 which is now in the process of being upstreamed and polished for inclusion in future Qt releases. The platform will eventually include support for OpenGL ES where hardware and operating system drivers allow it. QML1 is already working quite well, QML2, which is based on the v8 javascript engine and a scenegraph architecture is still work in progress.

We would like to thank those of our customers who have contributed to these efforts either through direct funding or by allowing us to include the results of project work into Qt’s mainline.

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