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KDAB at Engineering Design Show UK, October 11th-12th

The Engineering Design Show (EDS) returns to The Coventry Building Society Arena (UK) on the 11th – 12th of October 2023.

EDS has been showcasing mechanical, electronics, and embedded design for over a decade. It’s a great show to visit for design engineers who are looking for direct access to the latest products, services and innovations available to the sector.

KDAB will be there! Visit us in booth J16 where our experts will be showcasing some of our latest demos.

When: October 11th-12th

Where: The Coventry Building Society Arena, Judds Lane, Coventry.

Register for your free attendance here.


iDig – Interactive 3D embedded system for machine control

  • Embedded software for the control of machinery
  • Integrate design models and field data
  • Interactive 3D rendering
  • Highly configurable user interface
  • Embedded Linux system, C++ & Qt application

One platform – three frameworks

  • One app adapted in different frameworks on the same platform
  • Ship navigation and status summary
  • Custom, Torizon-based Linux platform
  • Implemented on IMX8MP SOM on Toradex Yavia carrier boards

KDAB Tools

  • GammaRay: High-level introspection tool for Qt applications
  • KDDockWidgets: KDAB’s Dock Widget Framework for Qt
  • Clazy Static Code Analyzer: LLVM/Clang-based static analyzer for Qt
  • Hotspot Profiler: GUI for Linux Perf to analyze profiling data
  • Heaptrack: Heap memory profiler and analysis GUI for Linux

CXX-Qt – Safe Rust Bindings for Qt

  • Enables Rust and C++ ecosystems to be used in the same application
  • Allows for idiomatic Rust and C++ code
  • Integrates easily into existing applications

Rust is a systems programming language focused on safety and high performance


Designing your first embedded Linux device

If your company is building its first embedded Linux device, you’re going from a relatively easy-to-understand product environment to one that’s software-dependent with thousands of technical decisions to make. Nobody wants the expensive mistake of a failed product, but without previous experience, how do you go about creating an embedded system that is not only successful with customers but also a solid foundation for future innovation?

This is the first module in a whitepaper series on designing your first embedded device; it covers the beginning and end of the product development process.


See you there!


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