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Migari Industrial Measurement Station

mPro is a comprehensive software system for the management, monitoring and automation of precision industrial measurement systems in the context of quality control. It can integrate a wide variety of measurement hardware and buses and is programmable and extensible by the integrator and end user. This is necessary as such systems are generally custom built for each application.

KDAB has worked with MigariIT from the early concept stages to create a state of the art solution for this problem space that is engineered from the ground up with the needs of industrial users in mind. The system uses QML as a domain specific language to describe the layout of each machine setup as well as to describe measurement and analysis plans. QML is also used to adapt visualization screens dynamically to varying needs. The architecture allows for the visualization to be run on a separate device from the data acquisition.

Near-realtime rendering of monitoring data is achieved using the heavily optimized, OpenGL based KDPlot library. The system can run on any operating system platform that provides drivers for the connected hardware.

Technologies used:

  • Qt5, QML
  • Windows, Linux
  • Profibus
  • OpenGL
  • KDPlot



migari industrial measurement system