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KDAB in Medical Medical companies trust the KDAB software engineering team

Medical companies trust the KDAB software engineering team

Medical technology is evolving faster than ever before due to several factors: rising patient numbers, decreased staff, outcome-oriented funding, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. But a rapid pace is not always synonymous with the extreme diligence required to build life-critical software. That’s why medical companies trust the KDAB software engineering team. We have the combination of experience, diligence, and rigor for creating medical device software.

Medical Products

KDAB has worked on many different types of medical systems that span a gamut of clinical and home-health devices, such as internal imaging, robotic surgery, ventilators, noninvasive monitoring, and much more. Whether it’s large networked operating theater equipment or a tiny system-on-chip solution, we’ve helped leading medical companies build all manner of safe and reliable products.

Medical Services

KDAB offers medical companies a wide array of software services depending on their needs, including:

  • Ground-up product software and UX design
  • Legacy GUI replacement with modern and feature rich UXes
  • Tooling and test scaffolding
  • New cloud-powered features for embedded products
  • Rearchitected and modularized software that preserve existing GUIs
  • Redesigned subsystem communication layers
  • Updated hardware platforms

In all cases, we work with clients to implement products, processes, and features within their development frameworks, their product specifications, and their certification requirements.


While our development process always works within our client’s requirements, we bring a knowledge of modern best practice software development techniques to bear in each project. Benefits include:

  • Modularly designed and adaptable medical products for a dynamic marketplace
  • Preserved investments in specifications, architecture, software, testing, documentation, and training
  • Development within rigorous medical specifications and peer-review processes for confidence in safe product execution
  • Thorough testing of entire products as well as all subsystems in simulation before having hardware in house
  • Timely and reliable results on vital diagnostic and electronic medical record systems
  • Creation of extremely low latency camera feeds for surgically accurate video
  • Control of precise location and intensity of radiation beams on live patients
  • Training of company engineers with a hand-off process that inspires confidence, not dependence
  • Adherence to ISO 9001:2015 and IEC 62304 certification frameworks

KDAB engineers can work with your company to become a trusted advisor to your management and development staff, and to help you bring your technology innovations to market as quickly and safely as possible. Contact us to find out more.

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