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Safety critical drawing with OpenGL SC Making your OpenGL ES code OpenGL SC compliant

Bringing software into a safety critical environment can be tricky, especially when using the complex APIs needed for modern 3D graphics. That’s what makes OpenGL SC (Safety Critical) so important: it bridges the gap between beautiful displays and functional safety, while trying to remain as close to existing embedded standards that we all know and love. OpenGL SC will only become more prevalent in embedded graphics work as industries increasingly try to merge safety conscious methodologies with user-friendly interfaces.…

Writing Code That Won’t Kill A Functional Safety Source Book

Functional Safety is the term used for systems designed to minimize risk to human health. But there’s a dilemma in today’s tech-driven world.

We are more reliant than ever on software to control our planes, trains, cars, and boats, to operate our medical equipment, to process our food, to clean our water, and to power our homes. If these systems don’t function properly, they have the ability to injure, or even kill us. Meanwhile software complexity continues to increase exponentially …

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) in 10 minutes A guide for Qt developers

If you happened to be at the NVIDIA GTC conference last week, you may have seen a Qt demo we developed showing a Dodge Viper in the Toradex booth. If that Viper looked especially cool, that’s partially because it was displayed using Physically Based Rendering (PBR). Alright… what exactly is PBR, and can I use it in my projects?

In a sentence, PBR replaces common shortcuts for rendering surfaces with methodologies rooted in the physical world. Sound intriguing? Download our

Nine Steps to Vulkan Literacy

No, this isn’t about Star Trek. If you’ve accidentally stumbled onto this blog to learn about the language of Spock’s homeland, try here instead.

Vulkan (spelled with a “k”, not a “c”) is a powerful new 3D graphics API from the Khronos Group, the same consortium that developed its spiritual predecessor, OpenGL, and other related standards. Like OpenGL, Vulkan targets high-performance real-time 3D graphics applications such as games and interactive media, but offers higher performance and lower CPU usage, …

Embedded’s Gone Cute by Rafael Roquetto

KDAB’s Rafael Roquetto lays it all out as to how and why Qt is the way to go for modern user interfaces in the embedded world in RTC magazine’s May digital issue, just published on-line.

With a potted history of the User Interface to date and a clear descriptions of Qt’s wide range of APIs and functionality (including examples), this is a must for anyone interested in Qt on embedded. You can check it out here:


Cutting Edge Touch Screen Technology Accelerates Stock Trading

Trading communication market leader IPC created revolutionary dealer boards by using the Qt software library

Stock exchanges are some of the most stressful working environments where shares worth millions of Euros/Dollars are traded within milliseconds. Naturally, brokers and stock traders rely on state-of-the-art communications and trading systems to ensure constant availability and reliability of information exchange for transactions.…