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Our engineers and designers share cutting-edge technology news and ideas with regard to Qt, QML, Qt on Android, OpenGL, Qt 3D, Vulkan, Scalable UIs and more embedded, mobile and desktop-related topics.

Two Q’s for Medical

Touchscreens and modern user interfaces are migrating into every type of medical machine: ultrasound, infusion, CAT, MRI, x-ray, care monitors, surgery displays, information tablets, and even patient self-service systems. Touchscreens are also helping with hygiene requirements as they are liquid-proof and easily disinfected because the display is in a sealed enclosure. Qt is an ideal development environment for the new crop of medical devices. It […]

Creating a PDF from a QtQuick 2 scene in SlideViewer

The Challenge Previously on this blog, we featured a series of articles about our QML-based presentation tool, SlideViewer. To quickly recap: SlideViewer is a presentation program that allows writing slides entirely in QML. There are situations in which the slide deck needs to be available in PDF format in addition to the QML source: For […]

Adapting SlideViewer to Qt Quick Controls

Several previous posts have introduced our SlideViewer tool which we created for use in the various trainings we deliver. The tool started out as an experiment, created using basic QtQuick 2 Items. Startup configuration was specified by command line arguments, and a simple Keys.onPressed function provided most of the runtime control: both navigating around the slide […]

Analysing QtQuick apps with GammaRay or “Why is my button gone?”

This is a typical situation when you program a GUI for an application. You have just created a new control, you start your application and… no control. But now: Is it obscured? Is it misplaced? Is it completely transparent or set to ‘invisible’? Is my custom OpenGL-stuff broken or is the item actually not created for […]

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