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emBO++, Bochum, Germany 10-03 to 13-03

KDAB is sponsoring this annual Embedded C++ conference and KDAB’s Marc Mutz is speaking: 12-03 Midday, Views, views everywhere:

“There’s a revolution coming…….`string_view` from C++17, `span` from the Guideline Support Library and `array_view` (targeted at C++2a) are just the beginning...”

Attend and find out more.

Check out KDAB Training for Modern C++ and much more.


KDAB is proud to be sponsoring emBO++, the only event in Europe dedicated to Embedded C++ users.

KDAB’s City Lights Display with Qt 3D Qt 3D put to novel use to implement a deferred rendering pipeline

The City Lights demo is an example of Qt 3D being put to novel use to implement a deferred rendering pipeline.

With OpenGL, the number of lights you can show on a screen, also affecting objects in a scene, is limited by the need to use a forward renderer. Using Qt 3D, the geometry considerations can be separated out from the lighting ones, which massively reduces the complexity. This enables the scene in this demo to run on fairly mediocre …

KDAB at Embedded World Nuremberg February 27th to March 1st

Get your free ticket to Embedded World Nuremberg, courtesy of KDAB. Register here with code B377411. Meet us on the Qt stand, Hall 4-258.

This year we’ve a training info point where you can find out about our on-site or scheduled, Introductory or Advanced courses in Qt, Modern C++, Qt 3D, OpenGL, Profiling and Debugging and more.

Or you can Ask the Experts if you have technical questions about any of these technologies, and get our latest publications, …

KDAB at Embedded World 2018 27th February - March 1st, Nuremberg

Come visit KDAB and join in the fun at the Qt booth: Hall 4-258!

See for yourself our spectacular demos showing our work in Qt, C++ and Qt 3D, including some of KDAB’s best known tools, GammaRay, Hotspot and Clazy, developed to enhance efficiency in our client projects, and Qt Automotive Suite – taking the hassle out of developing for automotive, using Qt.

The full list:

CCI 1200 Agricultural Machinery Terminal

  • putting unprecedented analysis and control directly into

KDAB at Embedded World Nuremberg Feb 27th to March 1st

This year KDAB is once again co-exhibitor at the biggest Qt booth yet: Hall 4-258.

Embedded World Nuremberg, the biggest Embedded trade show in Europe, is from 27th February until 1st of March in 2018. We’ll be showing our latest demos, including:

Find out more...

Save the dates and book yourself a

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