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Reducing Visual Studio Installations with Toolchains, The ConnectionEvaluator in KDBindings, KDSPDSetup, Slint 1.5, Embedded series cont., Videos, News, Events

    Welcome to our jam-packed March offering We bring you Reducing Visual Studio Installations with Toolchains and Introducing the ConnectionEvaluator in KDBindings.   Then, for embedded developers, Punctuality Matters: Using Linux to Manage Time-Critical Situations and Streamlining Multi-platform Development and Testing. After that comes Introducing: KDSPDSetup, then Slint 1.5. released, followed by KDE’s Megarelease […]

Simple QRs in QML, Embedded: boards and hardware, the Cyber-resilience Act, Codebrowser, videos, training & events

    Welcome to our February Newsletter Take a break from the February blues! We bring you Incredibly Simple QR generation in QML, then Optimizing Embedded Product Design – the case for off-the-shelf boards, followed by The Embedded Developer’s Dilemma in Choosing Hardware.   We then offer The Cyber Resilience Act – what is it?, […]