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Starting in 2020, we’re making a page with a digest of KDAB blogs, news and publications each month, so it’s easy to look back over the year and see what KDAB’s been up to. Enjoy.

July ’20 – monthly digest


My file menu is not full of eels

by James Turner

Last week, a user reported that the ‘File’ menu of the application was not appearing on macOS.

Some investigation showed this didn’t happen when using the default translation (i.e English), but a bit more investigation showed that it only happened when the language in use was Dutch.

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Fixing a common antipattern when loading translations in Qt

by Miłosz Kosobucki

“I’m a Polish guy working with computers, mostly on Windows. However, the lingua franca of the IT industry is English, so every time I see a tutorial for some dev tool, it’s in that language. To lessen the burden of decoding which menu entry in the tutorial corresponds to which menu entry on my PC I decided to run the system with an English display language.”

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White paper

Containers – Cloud tech comes to embedded

by Till Adam and Sven Knebel

This white paper provides a general overview of containers in embedded from our own knowledge, research, and experience, as well as that from our partner Toradex – also an expert in embedded containers.

Hopefully, it will help you answer if now is the right time to add this technology to your embedded tool chest.

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GammaRay online tutorials

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new series about GammaRay™, the introspection tool for Qt applications developed by KDAB. Let one of our presenters, Giuseppe D’Angelo explain what you’ll learn:


Online CMake training – August 25th

CMake has strong support for building Qt applications and will replace qmake as the build system for Qt in Qt6, so it’s more than a useful alternative if you hit limitations in qmake.

A one-day online training course together with James Turner, KDAB Senior Software Engineer who has been developing Qt since 2002. James will teach you all the basics you need to start with CMake but will leave out labs and some advanced topics that are covered in the two-day classroom training.

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Upcoming events

  • SIGGRAPH – Aug 17 – 22 What’s not to like about this mega online virtual event for transformative advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques, with Marco Tempest as Keynote speaker.
  • KDE Akademy – Sept 4 – 11 KDAB is very proud to be Platinum sponsor at this community-based event, and will be offering half-day training online in QML, UI/UX design, Debugging for Linux, and Multithreading in Qt, free to KDE members.
  • Qt Desktop Days – Sept 7 – 11 KDAB is hosting this desktop-focused event during the second half of KDE Akademy, with live online talks and Q&A from Qt partners and the Qt community. Look out for the official launch and think about a 45 minute talk you’d like to present. CfP opens soon.
  • CppCon – Sept 13 – 18 KDAB is proud to be Bronze sponsor at the biggest global annual event for the C++ community, now gone virtual. Find out more and register…
  • Meeting Cpp – Nov 12 – 14 A mix of live in Berlin and online, with Keynotes from Jonathan Boccara and Teresa Johnson. Read the latest from organizer Jens Weller and join the waiting list.

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February ’20 – monthly digest

Blogs How not to lose the alpha channel when converting between QRgb/QColor/QString by Milian Wolff Working on color imagery for QiTissue recently, I realized we were accidentally losing the alpha channel in multiple places. For efficiency reasons, we keep colors in memory using the QRgb type, and convert that to/from QString for serialization purposes via […]

January ’20 – monthly digest

Blogs A little hidden gem: QStringIterator by Giuseppe D’Angelo and Marc Mutz A few days ago Marc Mutz, colleague of mine at KDAB and also author in this blog, spotted a function from Qt’s source code (documentation). Apart from the mistake of considering empty strings not uppercase, which can be easily fixed, the loop in the […]