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Starting in 2020, we’re making a page with a digest of KDAB blogs, news and publications each month, so it’s easy to look back over the year and see what KDAB’s been up to. Enjoy.

June ’20 – monthly digest


Why is my screen dark

by Robert Brock

A digestible blog on common render issues and what their cause could be.

This is part 3 of a blog series explaining common render issues and what their cause could be. Robert Brock sheds some light on possible scenarios.

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QStringView Diaries: Zero-Allocation String Splitting

by Marc Mutz

“After four months of intensive development work, I am happy to announce that the first QStringTokenizer commits have landed in what will eventually become Qt 6.0. The docs should show up, soon.”

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How to declare a qHash overload

by Giuseppe D’Angelo

This blog post is about something that should be simple but apparently causes trouble: how to declare a qHash overload for a custom datatype. This is necessary when we want to use custom data types as keys in a QHash.

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June edition of KDAB News

KDAB News June edition content:

  • Catharina Maracke, Lawyer and Founder of the Software Compliance Academy will discuss the benefits and downsides of Open Source Software
  • New versions of Squish Test Center
  • Event updates: CppCon, Meeting C++, QtWS
  • And more

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Online training – Introduction to CMake

Date: August 25th

Time: 10.00-16:00 CEST

A one-day training course together with James Turner, KDAB Senior Software Engineer who has been developing Qt since 2002.

Extract from course content

  • Build system overview; targets and dependencies
  • Building executables and libraries
  • CMake language and debugging
  • Platform-independence
  • Using and writing package finders
  • Code generators
  • Cross compilation

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‘Module 6 – Presenting data’ released

In this module, we are going to start exploring model/view programming with Qt Quick. Model/view is a cornerstone of Qt development: every non-trivial Qt application uses it, sometimes extensively. The end goal for us is going to be to have the data managed by the C++ side of the application, and the view created in QML that shows that data.

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Kuesa 3D 1.2

We released version 1.2 of the 3D integration workflow Kuesa 3D, built on top of Qt 3D.

Kuesa™ 3D is a complete design-to-code workflow solution for 3D in real-time applications, centered around the open glTF™ 2 format, supported by Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max.

In this blog post, we will highlight some of the new features we have introduced.

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Kuesa 3D Studio 1.2 – Press Release

A Complete Design-to-Code Workflow Solution for 3D Assets in Real-time Applications, Kuesa 3D Studio 1.2; Press Release

  • version 1.2 released
  • makes 3D design and development workflows easy, fast and reliable
  • offers support for Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Blender as well as any other glTF-compatible digital content creation tools
  • New: Iro materials library can simulate common surface properties with less designer and GPU overhead

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Italian C++

KDAB senior software engineer and KDE Community core developer Ivan Čukić presented his talk ‘Move-only types can save the API’ at the virtual Italian C++.

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Upcoming events

We are happy to name a few interesting events coming up this July, August, and September. The majority of the events have had some changes made during the last months but we will try to keep you updated at all times.

C++ On Sea – The international C++ Conference will be accessible as a virtual event. Don’t miss out on the workshops running the following week, from the 20th. Date: July 15th – 17th

SIGGRAPH – The international event with the latest news about transformative advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques has gone virtual. Date: August 17th

KDE Akademy – The conference will be hosting the event online this year. Hundreds of attendees from the global KDE Community are expected to participate to showcase, discuss, and plan for the future Community and its technology. Date: September 4th – 11th

CppCon – The one-week long conference for the entire C++ community that offers talks and panels, presentations by the C++ community, and lightning talks. KDAB will be sponsoring the event. Early bird registration will be available on or before July 17th. Date: September 13th – 18th

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February ’20 – monthly digest

Blogs How not to lose the alpha channel when converting between QRgb/QColor/QString by Milian Wolff Working on color imagery for QiTissue recently, I realized we were accidentally losing the alpha channel in multiple places. For efficiency reasons, we keep colors in memory using the QRgb type, and convert that to/from QString for serialization purposes via […]

January ’20 – monthly digest

Blogs A little hidden gem: QStringIterator by Giuseppe D’Angelo and Marc Mutz A few days ago Marc Mutz, colleague of mine at KDAB and also author in this blog, spotted a function from Qt’s source code (documentation). Apart from the mistake of considering empty strings not uppercase, which can be easily fixed, the loop in the […]