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April ’20 – monthly digest


An engineer answers the doorbell

by Andreas Holzammer

A funky solution during a pandemic, when most of the office is empty.

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Qt, range-based for loops and structured bindings Part 1

by Ivan Čukić

The evolution of the C++ programming language and Qt.

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Why is my screen Black? A digestible blog on common render issues and what could be their cause

by Robert Brock

Introducing a new blog series.

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Qt and CMake

by Kevin Funk

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Qt and Open Source

KDAB’s CEO Kalle Dalheimer talks with Robert Brock for KDAB News.

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KDAB Online training – One day – June 17th

Qt’s Model/View framework for widget development

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Update to Qt Small Business Licence

Now available for small businesses with annual revenue and funding up to $250,000.

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Qt Virtual Tech Con – 12-14 May

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